Type of Installations

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Type of Installations Unattended Installations An Unattended Installation is an automated installation technology that you can use to install with no user intervention. Unattended installation is typically used during large-scale rollouts when it would be too slow and costly to have administrators or technicians interactively install the Operating System/ Software on individual computers. An example… Read more »

How to Sanitize your Data?

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Data Sanitization For the general user, the delete or format command appears to be the logical method of removing unwanted data files. These methods, however, are like sweeping something under the carpet: you may not be able to see it, but it’s still there. When you delete files and then empty the Recycle Bin, you… Read more »

How to Create Amazon RDS DB Instances on AWS Outposts

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DB Instances on AWS Outposts AWS launched support for MySQL and PostgreSQL, with plans to add other database engines in the future Creating a DB Instance Create a DB Instance using the RDS Console, API (CreateDBInstance), CLI (create-db-instance), or CloudFormation (AWS::RDS::DBInstance). I’ll use the Console, taking care to select the AWS Region that serves as… Read more »