Take advantage of latest digital interactive “whiteboard” technology at ASM!
Classrooms are equipped with SMART kapp iQ™ (Powered by SMART Learning Suite )

SMART kapp iQ consists of an interactive display, whiteboard and a suite of education software all run from an embedded computer. Designed specifically to complement individual, small group and whole-class instruction, the display fully integrates with student devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and Chromebooks. It’s all-in-one classroom solution.

Interested to learn more about this technology? Check out this short video:

Virtual ILT courses combine the best of instructor-delivered lectures and presentations with the convenience and flexibility of an on-demand learning format.

Virtual ILT programs are delivered using latest virtual technologies such as Zoom to extend the classroom to you at your workplace or home and can be viewed by the student directly on their own computer with an internet connection. By employing Zoom, and integrating our state-of-the-art lab facilities, we can provide a near-classroom experience, remotely, to your own venue of choice.

Zoom provides the platform that allows ASM to deliver training to our customers, regardless of location – virtually anywhere in the world. By leveraging Zoom Training Center, we can provide a full multi-media experience, which provides interactive lecture, labs, and discussion, right to a standard personal computer.

All students will be provided with URL information, to link to the Zoom class that they have signed up for, the required lab facilities, and a toll free number for completely integrated audio.