In today’s work environment, governing boards have been given greater accountability from companies in such areas as strategy execution, management of shareholders, and succession planning. To meet this increasing demand, ASM provides governance training for executives who are looking to identify discrepancies in the composition of their current boards and are seeking the best practices and tools to improve board performance issues.  Students will learn how to assemble a board that will work collaboratively and efficiently with the senior leadership of an organization.  Governance Training courses are offered both in-person at the ASM Center and online to accommodate students from all over the world, resulting in a student body comprised of globally-diverse leaders.   The online courses feature instructor-led sessions with full audio and video lectures.  Companies located in the Washington Metropolitan area have the option for ASM to conduct its training courses onsite at their facilities.  Our career-focused education allows executives and senior staff leaders with even the most hectic schedules to earn a skill-validating certificate easily and quickly with no disruption to the important work they do within their organizations

Our Governance Training sessions are led by distinguished instructors who will share their insights and provide first-hand experiences of what goes on in the boardrooms and executive offices of today.  With over 10 years of governance expertise, our instructors will help executives to view their boards with a fresh perspective and better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their particular boards.  In addition, many of our instructors are multi-lingual.

Who Attends this Training?

Executives from all industries can benefit from ASM’s Governance Training.  Program participants may include new CEOs interested in obtaining best practices in board governance, already-established CEOs looking to improve their board’s performance, or CEOs who are revitalizing or rebuilding their boards.  Senior-level staff members looking to move ahead in their careers and have an interest in leading a publicly-traded company will also find value in this training.  This training is also recommended to help current board members navigate through governance issues and become an effective leader.

You will learn when it is appropriate to partner with the board, when the board should handle an issue, and when it is necessary for you to take charge over vital company decisions.  Other key points participants will take away from the program are:

  • The changing role of boards
  • Improve the leadership and decision-making effectiveness of your board
  • How to assess your board’s composition
  • How to design a board that will be efficient and effective
  • How a board can motivate and engage your executive team
  • Board Principles

The absence of effective leadership by a board of directors can destroy a company.  ASM’s Governance Training will give you the necessary tools and information to build a board that will add new value to your company.  Once you complete the training, you will better understand what kind of board culture you want to cultivate in order to advance your organization.  As the foundation of your company, your board should be prepared to face the most complex situations.