For 30 years, ASM has provided the ideal setting for experienced professionals to obtain an advanced-level certification by providing flexible course schedules that will not conflict with your busy work week.  ASM provides a variety of certifications aside from the typical IT and English certifications for companies, organizations, and government entities.  Management Training courses are offered both in-person at the ASM Center and online to accommodate students from all over the world, resulting in a student body comprised of globally-diverse leaders.   The online courses feature instructor-led sessions with  full audio and video lectures.  Companies located in the Washington Metropolitan area have the option for ASM to conduct its training courses onsite at their facilities.  Our career-focused education allows top leaders with even the most hectic schedules to earn a skill-validating certificate easily and quickly with no disruption to the important work they do within their organizations.

Our courses are taught by advanced degree-holding instructors to ensure an optimal learning environment for students with a variety of leadership experiences.  With over 10 years of expertise in their industries, our instructors will help you to develop and hone the leadership skills you need in order stay competitive and dynamic in today’s ever-changing work environment.  Their knowledge, research, and actual work experiences influence and promote all aspects of our management program.  In addition, many of our instructors are multi-lingual.

To stay ahead and relevant in the workplace, successful leaders are always looking for new information to broaden their knowledge.  ASM’s goal is to prepare its students to adapt and succeed in their ever-evolving workplaces through hands-on experiences and current technology.  Leadership professionals need to be armed with a business strategy that can be quickly implemented when faced with market uncertainty.  Our courses are designed to help business leaders diversify and broaden their roles within their organizations.   With our training, students should expect to sharpen their critical thinking skills and improve their leadership capacities.  You will notice an immediate impact on your organization from the new knowledge and capabilities you have developed from the certification program.

ASM’s Management Training has helped students from all management levels; from executive directors/CEOs to sales/marketing managers, ASM certification courses will amplify any leader’s impact on their organization.

After completing ASM’s Management Training certification, students will be better prepared to:

  • Inspire a higher level of performance through their leadership tactics.
  • Learn to make critical fiduciary decisions when faced with limited time and resources.
  • Develop and implement initiatives for your organization to stay relevant and dynamic.
  • Formulate a vision and create a new direction for your organization.
  • Produce a more resilient and agile organization by aligning resources with strategy.
  • Balance fiduciary realities with social responsibilities.
  • Establish and maintain a productive dialogue with your employees.

Leaders looking to elevate their work status and to achieve the kind of success that will define their careers, should enroll in ASM’s Management Training.   Over 20,000 students have reached their certification goals through ASM’s training programs.