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ASM was authorized to proudly participant in the Army’s AVOTEC (Army Vocational/Technical) Program. ASM had the largest selection of IT course offering under this program in all 50 States.

Congress had selected Army to participate in an education pilot program designed to provide expanded education opportunities for Soldiers, officers and Wounded Warriors serving on active duty — to include National Guard and Reserve Soldiers on extended active duty.

The intent of this short-term pilot program was to provide training in high-demand career fields to help Soldiers find employment after they transition out of the Army. Soldiers were encouraged to consider enrollment in these programs for training or re-training. This program has ended by Army.

BRAC: Base Realignment and Closure

ASM was authorized to participate in providing training to many BRAC-impacted individuals. ASM continues to deliver training in various military bases throughout Continental USA as well as around the globe.

ASM through the years had the honor and privilege of providing training to our Veterans. ASM Management and Staff would like to personally honor and thank the millions of Americans who have served – as well as their families – and those that continue to serve our country as members of the Armed Forces. It is not only on Veterans Day, but every day that we should salute each of our veterans for their sacrifice and service to a grateful nation.

(MyCAA): The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program
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