ASM’s approach is a structured way to deliver training topics. Using approaches to deliver training topics provides a structure for participant learning. Varying methods maximizes participant involvement and learning while accommodating for diverse learning styles. Engaging the learner in the content is as important as interactive ways for making content engaging and relevant.

ASM tries to integrate few of the methods below into our training sessions:

Case study
Examine a fictitious or true account of something

Showing participants how a concept, procedure, or skill looks in action

Experiential exercise
Designing an activity that dramatically illustrates training content by allowing participants to experience it

Feedback exercise
Requesting participants to give one another their feedback

Group discussion  
Conducting any exchange of ideas with the total group able to participate

Group inquiry
Inviting participants to ask the trainer questions about subject-matter content after being presented interesting training material

Information search
Having participants search for information in source materials or training handouts