With the costs of higher education increasingly on the rise, many prospective students are seeking programs that will allow them to train and prepare for their future careers without dedicating their lives to attending school full-time for four years.  ASM provides the ideal setting for individuals looking to begin or continue their education.  We provide flexible, convenient course schedules that will not interfere with your daily life.  With a variety of fields to study, our Career Training program offers students a chance to pursue a certification that will prepare them to enter into the workforce to begin building the career they want.  Career training has become a popular choice for many students who already know what area they would like to specialize in.  One-third of college students have participated in career training programs.

We Make it Simple   

ASM offers its Career Training program both in-person at the ASM Center and online to accommodate students from all over the world, resulting in a globally-diverse student body.  The online courses feature instructor-led sessions with full audio and video lectures.  We have established a solid reputation as training provider for students are the University of Maryland.  Our career-focused education allows individuals with even the most hectic schedules to earn a skill-validating certificate easily and quickly.

Our courses are taught by advanced degree-holding instructors to ensure an optimal learning environment for students with a variety of educational backgrounds.   With over 10 years of expertise in their particular fields, our instructors will help you enter the workforce with the confidence and skills you need to be successful. Their knowledge and real-life work experiences influence and promote all aspects of our Career Training program.  In addition, many of our instructors are multi-lingual.

Why is Career Training a Good Choice for Me?

  • Save Money
    With our two-year Career Training program, you are likely to spend less money on your education than you would if you attended a four-year college program.
  • Receive Specialized Career Education
    During your career training at ASM, you will receive practical, hands-on experience in your specific field of study.
  • Advance your Career
    Receiving career-targeted training can give you the advantage you need to excel and move forward in your current job field.

Many of the fastest growing, in-demand careers in the United States require only a certificate or an Associate Degree.  ASM’s Career Training program enables students to pursue their area of interest in a self-paced learning environment using the latest and most innovative technology.  Upon completion of our program, you will be equipped with the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to land a job in your field.  Students who are already working professionals will re-enter the workforce with an advantage over their peers.  Career Training is a great tool and resource for individuals looking to get into a completely different career field without dedicating years of their lives in order to obtain a new education.  Let ASM’s Career Training program help you achieve your career goals.