Is CompTIA Security+ Worth it?

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What do CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CEH, ISA, Infosec CISSP and Amazon AWS Certified Security have in common? They are all part of the large grouping of cybersecurity certifications currently available. Each of these certifications is valuable and serves a valid purpose. But what about the CompTIA Security+ certification? If you’ve got questions, we’ve got… Read more »

Emerging Trends in Information Technology

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What are the Emerging Trends in Technology?   To help meet the demands of a technology-enabled consumer base, solution providers must embrace digital transformation to realize their full potential. But, where to begin? These are the top 15 emerging technologies that businesses need to keep an eye on. Sanitizing Techniques AI Artificial intelligence is poised… Read more »

CompTIA Network+ 007 vs. 008

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CompTIA routinely updates certification exams to ensure that the content accurately reflects updates in technology and industry standards. Specifically, CompTIA Network+ gets revised every three years. The updated CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) certification validates the skills required to implement enterprise-level wired and wireless network solutions; identify and troubleshoot network performance issues and harden networks against threats… Read more »