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MSConfig is a system utility to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows startup process. It can disable or re-enable software, device drivers and Windows services that run at startup, or change boot parameters. Windows includes all sorts of hidden little utilities that you can use to configure and change system settings that are normally not visible in… Read more »

Layer 2 Attacks

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Overview A large number of common threats need to be considered when securing a network, but a frequently overlooked area is the security of the LAN. When people think about security, often they’re thinking specifically of the layers above Layer 2, but there’s no reason to limit a security plan to these upper layers. A… Read more »

Amazon Network Load Balancer with ALB as Target Group

Posted filed under Amazon AWS. The goal of this lab is to create Network Load Balancer; but instead using different target group we will use ALB as target group . Pre-Step 1) You need to have and ALB ready and we have it as follows: Here is the link for ALB When you type it will go to… Read more »

Amazon AWS Application Load Balancer

Posted filed under Amazon AWS. Application Load Balancer (ALB ) Lab Practice Before we do the lab, we need to setup the infrastructure with these 4 instances as follows: You need 4 Virtual Linux Machines PC1 should be called LinuxPic1: us-east-1a PC2 should be called LinuxPic2 : us-east-1a PC3 should be called LinuxVideo3: us-east-1c PC4 should be called LinuxVideo4:… Read more »

AWS Cloud Practitioner Sample Exam Questions

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Amazon AWS Cloud Practitioner Sample Exam with Explanation 1) Why is AWS more economical than traditional data centers for applications with varying compute workloads? a) Amazon EC2 costs are billed on a monthly basis. b) Users retain full administrative access to their Amazon EC2 instances. c) Amazon EC2 instances can be launched on demand when… Read more »