Mr.Edmond made it possible for me to pass!!!

David M 8/30/2018, 220-901 ,Score:683 /900

Thank you ASM and Edmond for all your help, Thank god I passed. remember to keep studying and don’t give up, On to network+

Spencer 8/27/2018, 220-902 ,Score:734 /900

I passed on my first attempt! Thank you for the great A+ class and see you next month to take 902.

Christopher 03/03/2017 ,220-901 ,Score:713/900

Thank you for great instructions. I could not have done it without you. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Ronald 02/14/2017 ,220-901 ,Score:700/900

Thank You ASM for providing the tools, can’t wait for the next course!

Diana 02/14/2017 ,220-901 ,Score:706/900


Enrico 12/23/2016 ,220-901 ,Score:691/900

Thank you all the staff in ASM for helping me to achieve my goal.Great environment to be if you want to learn about IT!

Allen 11/17/2016 ,220-902 ,Score:700/793

Great training ! Thanks to ASM staff and sherri!

Chanlain 10/7/2016 ,220-901 ,Score:675/719

Well, i passed my second exam under CompTIA A+. Now that i have passed both 901 and 902 , it’s time to conquer network+. thanks again to instructor Sherri and all  the ASM staff for continued support.

Alfred 9/2/2016 ,220-901 ,Score:700/700

Very well-organized! Stay confident.

Adam 7/7/2016 ,220-901 ,Score:675/717

CompTia A+ at the ASM Educational Center was an “Excellent” training. The Instructor, Sherri W***** was a dynamic, excellent teacher and literally provided much clarity to my IT “real world” experience. The Staff was great especially Adrienne S****** who coordinated the coursework.

Angel 8/26/2016

“ASM is awesome. Much appreciation to the staff and the teachers here. A very awesome place to be and grow. Praise the Lord! #ASMChangesLives”


Devin W. 12/18/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 720/900

“Thanks Sherri for the course and how well it was taught. Thanks ASM for the opportunity to advance my work career. Hope its only up from here.”

Ismail M. 12/10/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 700/900

“Thank God and the ASM staff for their help. Thank You ASM for the lessons and practices. Don’t give up, just keep knocking and you will be successful.”

Christopher J. 12/4/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 726/900

“Thank you to all the staff for their continuous help, the struggle just makes for a better story when you succeed. I couldn’t have done this without them. The next step is yours. Praise the lord.”

Ntando P. 11/30/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 700/900

“Thanks ASM 1 down 2 to go !!! “

Arthur K. 8/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 713/900

” Thanks to Tammi and all the great folks at ASM!! “

George G. 8/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 750/900

“Can’t say enough about ASM thank you to all for making this process the best!! “

Glenn M. 5/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 779/900

” I love, love, love, Ms.Adrienne and Ms.Sherri they make it happen! “

Courtney A. 4/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 705/900

“Thanks ASM for the amazing class and study help!!”

Joshua G. 5/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 775/900

“Thanks to Sherri and everyone else at ASM! Looking forward to more training”

George G. 8/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 712/900

” 840 Baby! Study Study Study… Thanks for that training ASM/ Will (instructor). Thanks Adrienne for the motivational speeches.”

Adelso H. 8/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 840/900

Too Easy! Thanks for the training Will! Thanks ASM, the PC building was great!

Adelso H. 7/2015 Exam: 220-801, Score: 809/900

” Thanks Sherri & Ms.Adrienne for everything. Thank you ASM!

Courtney A. 9/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 746/900

” Thank you so much ASM! You guys provided an awesome learning environment that is open to questions and discussions at all times! Ms. Sherry you are the best!! She gave me the confidence to take this test with no fear!! 🙂 “

Patrick M, 3/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 785/900

” Thank you for your support! ASM is #1, I will return for my future exam. Great people and great place to get certified!!! “

Sutthisay S. 03/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 777/900

Thanks ASM, you are ALL the BEST.

Max D, 12/2014, Exam: 220-802, Score: 730/900

“Progress is a choice, if you’re ready to take the next step in life, come to ASM. There is a full staff ready and willing to help you in any way possible. “

Ntando P, 02/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 698/900

“ASM thank you so much! Never would passed it without you. Sherri is the best! Will be back for more classes.”

Joshua T, 9/10/2013, Exam: 220-802, Score: 700/715

“Leke, thanks for your outstanding instruction. I took the course in summer prior to exam change and I still had enough material to pass the new exam!!. Thank you.”

Andrew J

“I came here with very little computer background. Thanks to Leke and ASM, I did it. Study your notes and listen to Leke, you can do it too. Thanks to God for guiding me and giving me patience.”

Brightdavies B, Score: 786/900

“I came to ASM as an absolute novice in the computer field. Leke has been an outstanding lecturer. He has so much patience and innovative teaching skills that it was very easy for me to pick up the PC knowledge. I am ever so thankful to the ASM Staff who provided me with all the guidance and support as well as the study materials to become A+ certified. Than you so much ASM and Leke.”

Arshad A, Score:876/900

“Thank you Val for all the “Good Stuff”. ASM has a very gifted person as a teacher and we students are blessed to partake of your wisdom. God is good, all the time”

Maxine H, Score: 900/900

“This is a great training facility. Thanks to a great staff which made my learn experience wonderful. Val, in your mission in life you are a very gifted and blessed person. The art of teaching is a special gift. The small class size makes this a very good learning environment. Thanks Val and ASM officials and staff.”

Warren B, Score: 745/900

“Thank you! I will definitely be taking more classes at ASM. The instructor and the staff at ASM are wonderful. Thanks again.”

Joyce K, 03/2006, Exam: 220-301, Score: 572/900

“If I can do it, anyone can. Yes that means You. Thanks for the free PC.”

Domonique S, 12/23/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 680/900

“ASM provided me with the tools and knowledge to receive my A+ Certification with no problem!”

Shane D, 06/2007, Exam: 220-302, Score: 554/900

“Thank you for all of your help in getting me through the info needed for this test!”

Lucas B, 12/2007, Exam: 220-601, Score: 725/900.

“Thank you! Lake you’re an awesome teacher and thank you ASM staff.”

Omid M, 12/2007, Exam: 220-601, Score: 745/900.

“ASM is great Oh YEA ,instructor is the best. “

Herbert H, 5/2009, Exam: 220-601, Score: 700/900.

“Thank you Sam ,I have learned so many ,for not having any experience, you are the man. “

Mark S, 5/2009, Exam: 220-601, Score: 743/900.

Thank you ASM for your help and I look forward to returning for many more programs.” GOD is great!”,”Praise the Lord!”.”

Raymond N, 5/2009, Exam: 220-601, Score: 825/900.

“ASM is an excellent training center ,instructor is great I will be coming back!” –

Herbert H, 5/2009, Exam: 220-602, Score: 800/900.

“Great instructor ,He helped so much and I was prepared for test !! Thanks ASM and Thanks God .

Allen P , 07/24/2010 , Exam: 220-701, Score: 684/900.

“Thank God , thanks to ASM thanks to my instructor for providing me with the tools and for teaching me in a way I can learn thanks!!!

Devi R , 08/21/2010 , Exam: 220-702, Score: 727/900.

“I want to thank the staff At ASM educational Center for providing the highest quality of education .Thanks for everything .

Han K , 01/272011 , Exam: 220-701, Score: 697/900.

“Thank you ASM without your training Would have not passed this exam. Excellent Training . I would highly recommend ASM to anybody .

Quan L , 05/07/2011 , Exam: 220-701, Score: 885/900.

“Thank you ASM . I finally got this done .I can now continue exploring the IT world with you guys. ”

David G , 09/22/2011 , Exam: 220-702, Score: 740/900.

“Thank you ASM and Thank you Instructor for all you taught me. I never forget your help . Now I am A+ certified and looking forward to my Net+ certificate !”

Leila S, 10/13/2011 , Exam: 220-702, Score: 772/900

“Thanks for the great class, will be back for Net+/CCNA asap. Also thanks for the awesome computer, we love it”.

Nicholas R, 01/12/2012, Exam: 220-702, Score:862/900

“I thank the Lord for passing my A+ exam. I thank him for DOES been an avenue for me being part of ASM educational Center. I want to give props for my instructor Sam who taught the A+ class. Sam is an awesome instructor!!! Thanks to Adrienne for all that you did!!!”.

Calvin P, 04/24/2012, Exam: 220-702, Score:765/900

” Thanks ASM for the free computer. Thanks Sam for being a great teacher. Thanks ASM for been a great school.”

Duwayne B, 04/27/2012, Exam: 220-701, Score:734/900

“Oh my God!! I passed! Sam, you rock. Thanks for being so knowledgeable and helpful”.

Melany C, 04/28/2012, Exam:220-701, Score:690/900

“This school is the best. Enjoyed this experience and the people here are very encouraging. Thanks to all. I will be back for some more experience

Allen M, 05/17/2012, Exam: 220-702, Score:799/900