Study hard

Know the Basics well


Aswini Nair 07/20/2018 100-125 Score:919/1000

Thanks a lot to Mr.hamed. To you, I give all the credit and wouldn’t have made it if not for your tutorial. 🙂 Thanks again

Marietou Bisong 06/25/2018 200-125 Score:824/1000

Thank you very much ASM Very helpful class!

Gabriel 04/11/2018 200-105 Score:856/1000

Thanks Hamed and Edmond!! couldn’t done it without you!

Roland 01/18/2017 200-105 Score:848/887

Thanks Hamed and Edmond for all your help!! Be back soon for ICND 2

Roland 01/12/2017 100-105 Score:871/887

Excellent school, instructors, knowledgeable. Really helped me prepare.

Jonathan 7/22/2016 100-101 Score:804/887

Good Day My name is Anthony S********, and I’m writing this review on behalf of ASM Educational Center located in Rockville, Md. I’d like to give much kudos to our instructor(s) Mr. Edmond & Mr. Hamed. They actually took the time to cover the objectives and important material in detail, which helped me greatly in obtaining my CCNA (ICND1/2) exam Certification. Mr. Edmond who taught the initial portion of our class was very thorough in covering the book material and answering our questions in detail. Mr. Hamed was excellent with providing on-demand “written” explanation(s) and examples on the the live devices and packet tracer simulations. Thank You Guys

Anthony S. 9/9/2016

Very happy to pass the exam by taking at once. ASM has real good training program as well best instructors like Hamed & Edmond, committed truly to help success.

Messele 9/8/2016 100-105 Score: 832/848

Thank you ASM!! Thank you Mr Edmond for being a great teacher.

kenel, 200-101 Score: 825/947

Thank you ASM for another awesome testing experience! Big thank you to Edmond!!

Bryan , 100-101 Score: 804/839

“Thank God for ASM”

Leon B, 200-120 Score: 903/1000

“Edmond you were an excellent teacher. I hope to return as soon as possible for more instruction from you.”

Nicholas B, 200-120 Score: 1000/1000

“Thanks to all staff at ASM.”

Enayat M, 200-120 Score: 835/1000

” ASM Boot Camp was solid and really helped prepare me for the exam. Thanks Hamed!

Mit D. Exam 100-101 Score: 881/1000

” First I would really like to thank ASM Ed. Center for there unlimited support, I appreciate Edmond and Hamed.”

Murad Shaib. Exam 200-120 Score: 835/1000

” Thanks ASM!!! Mama I made it!!!”

Azariah K. Exam 200-120 Score: 945/1000

“Thanks to the entire staff of ASM especially Hamed and Joseph. The duration of the CCNA training was fun because of you guys.”

Nwaka E, Exam 640-607 Score: 872/1000

“One word that was always mentioned in class ‘alright’ however it means alot to me. Thanks to ALL the staff.”

Marwan Z. Exam 200-101 Score: 960/1000

“Finally CCNA ! I’m happy and feel good. A special thanks to Edmond, my friends and ASM.”

Tawfik E. Exam 200-120 Score: 890/1000

” Edmond is one of the Best teachers. Study hard and clear your concepts before attending your exam. Thank you Edmond “

Allauddin R. Exam 200-120 Score: 835/1000

” Thank you ASM Family, thanks Hamed, you helped me very much, I’ll see you in CCNP. “

Ehab H. Exam 200-120 Score: 862/1000

” Thank you Hamed and ASM! Even with what I knew, I couldn’t have done this without the training and support! I look forward to coming back for more. And, praise the God! ”

John B, Exam 640-801, Score: 849/1000

“Thanks so much to my instructor Hamed. I really appreciate all of your help. The hands-on training and router interaction was magnificent. Its hands-on training combined with the extraordinary teaching skills were absolutely vital to my becoming a CCNA.”

Tawanna J, Exam 640-507, Score: 935/1000

“ASM is a first rate educational center. The CCNA course was very thorough with structured lectures and plenty of hands-on labs. Hamed was an excellent instructor and made sure the class grasped all the concepts, before moving on the next section.”

Alvin M, Exam 640-507, Score: 903/1000

“Praise God, He is so good and works right here at ASM Educational. I had no knowledge of Network or the IT field before coming here, and now I am MCSE and CCNA. Thank you Hamed and all the wonderful supportive staff at ASM.”

Robert S, Exam 640-507, Score: 956/1000

“Thank God for letting me complete the combo CCNA/CCNP! ASM is a great school! Thank you Ahmad, Hamed & Joseph. See all soon!”

Viet T, 07/2006, Exam: 640-801, Score: 974/1000

“Wow! Praise the Lord, finally! Hamed, you should find a way to sell your method for teaching subnet masking! Great class! Thanks again!”

Keith R, 05/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 923/1000

“Thank you ASM and Junaid! It IS possible to pass the first time!”

Kathleen G, 05/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 923/1000

I was a first time pass. This boot camp was great! Junaid was a great instructor!”

Hector R, 06/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 923/1000

“Great experience! Took me a couple of tries at that class, but enjoyed every experience. Great teachers, especially Junaid. I will definitively come back for the rest of my certifications”

Jessica P, 07/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 898/1000

“Thanks Junaid and ASM! Outstanding course!”

Eric R, 08/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 961/1000

“I am so blessed to have come here and the training is the best. I tried self-study and failed! With ASM, second time passed. Thanks!” (he passed on his first try after ASM training)

Curtis W, 09/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 849/1000

“I’m very pleased and satisfied with the CCNA Boot Camp in ASM. It over met my expectations! I’m also very grateful for the opportunity ASM gave me. The scholarship I received came at the right time. Thank you ASM, I look forward in seeing you guys soon. Truly yours.

Rafael A, 09/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 860/1000.

“Great resource. Definitely Recommended. Guarantee to pass 100% if you study!” (he passed on his first try after ASM training.

Israel R, 10/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 949/1000

“First and foremost, I would like to thank the entire staff at ASM for providing an excellent learning environment while demonstrating outstanding professionalism. I would recommend ASM to anyone as a highly commendable learning facility. Again, thank you to everyone at ASM!.

Adrian C, 10/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 949/1000.

“Thanks to ASM I passed and recertified my CCNA. Highly recommend classes, it will definitely help you pass. Praise the Lord!

Martha T, 10/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 974/1000.

“Good job ASM. Passed first time! Thanks to ASM staff, keep up with the good work guys. thank you!

Treshia J, 11/2007, Exa: 640-801, Score: 923/1000.

“Before I came here I knew nothing about networks, much less about routing. Joseph and Hamed opened the door for me. To new students: keep it simple, read, study, listen, pray and above all, no social life. As Joseph would say: “It’s essential”. Praise the Lord right Hamed!

Marc S, 11/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 961/1000.

“Thanks for everything, the training I received from ASM was excellent!”

Ronald F, 11/2007, Exam: 640-801, Score: 910/1000.

“Thanks ASM the class was well worth the time & effort. Jay rocks as an instructor!”

Stanley E, 3/2008, Exam: 640-802, Score: 920/1000.

“Outstanding training. Pass the first time!”

Leland B, 3/2008, Exam: 640-802, Score: 920/1000.

“Thank you ASM for my training!”

Raymond W, 3/2008, Exam: 640-802, Score: 854/1000.

“Augustine is a great teacher. I had no IT background and was able to pass the test with the teaching and help from the staff. CCNA class was an unforgettable experience. Thanks!”

Donald H, 5/2008, Exam: 640-802, Score: 841/1000.

“I put my future into Amad and Augustine hands now I am ready for the next step ;ASM is place any goal .thanks the founder staff & teachers God bless you .”

Alberto M, 3/2009, Exam: 640-802, Score: 930/1000.

“The ASM boot camp provided quality training. Thanks to everyone at ASM for all of teir support.

Arlene J, 3/2009, Exam: 640-802, Score: 972/1000.

“Thank you for the outstanding class and test preparations. Great job Hamed!”

Brian P, 5/2009, Exam: 640-802, Score: 916/1000.

“before I came I had no knowledge ,I have no idea!!! ASM is great!”

Edito D, 5/2009, Exam: 640-802, Score: 902/1000.

“Thanks ASM! you guys have given me all the tools to pass my CCNA exam and I couldn’t have done it anywhere else great school !praise the Lord!”

Aloysius T, 5/2009, Exam: 640-802, Score: 846/1000.

“Thank ASM! great class, Saturday class with Augustine was excellent. Highly recommend!-

Justin D, 6/2009, Exam: 640-802, Score: 816/1000.

“ASM is the best! the CCNA boot camp defiantly help to pass. “

Mack C, 7/2009, Exam: 640-802, Score: 874/1000.

” Thank you so much ASM. Hamed and Augustin- Best Teachers ever! Praise The Lord”

Peter K. 8/2009 Score: 916/1000

“I passed thanks to my instructor and lots of hard work and long study hours. Thanks ASM !!!! Next step CCNP”.

Jer-Rald S., 07/2009, Exam: 640-802, Score: 846/1000.

“Thanks to ASM, in a short period I was able to obtain both the Network+ and CCNA. I had some previous networking experience but ASM courses help to greatly further my knowledge and enhance my skills. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to further their IT career”.-

Alfred W, 06/28/2010, Exam:640-802, Score: 923/1000

“ASM is awesome! I received top notch training to pass the CCNA. I would recommend ASM to all my friends. Thank You Brac as well”. –

Anil S, 09/30/2010, Exam 640-802, Score: 910/1000

“To Nick my amazing instructor and entire ASM staff ,thank you so much for your support in my advancement in the IT field .looking forward to the CCNP material .Thanks again!”

Kenechukwu E, 10/15/2011 , Exam: 640-802, Score: 920/1000.

“If you want to be “CCNA”, ASM is the right place to be”

Suresh M, 04/06/2012, Exam 640-802, Score:867/1000

“CCNA class was very well taught. Awesome instructor”

Brian K, 02/28/2012, Exam:640-802, Score:920/1000

“1st time didn’t pass, now I passed with high score. I recommend taking the CCNA class. Good Job NICK!”-Rafael V, 05/25/2012,

Exam:640-802, Score:960/1000

“CCNA class was very well taught. Awesome instructor”

Brian K, 02/28/2012, Exam:640-802, Score:920/1000

“1st time didn’t pass, now I passed with high score. I recommend taking the CCNA class. Good Job NICK!”-

Rafael V, 05/25/2012, Exam:640-802, Score:960/1000