Why Amazon (Link to job opportunities, news, articles, more)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) also known as Amazon Cloud has completely transformed the way we build infrastructure.

This course will teach popular AWS components and services.  We will talk about how to build services on top of AWS and how to transform existing infrastructure on AWS cloud.

This course is designed from a practitioners perspective.  It aims to provide practical, working knowledge of AWS so students can be productive in the environment.


What you will learn:

  • Brief Intro to Amazon Alexa
  • Components (Front End/Back End)
  • Intro to AWS (Create a VPC, launch an EC2 instance, IAM roles)
  • Intro to Linux commands
  • Intro to Python programming
  • Intro to AWS Lambda
  • Alexa Intents, Slots and Utterances Review
  • Intro to the New and old console.
  • Make a simple Skill 1: Facts skill.
  • Work on making a Skill 2: Quiz skill
  • Start working on Final Project. Skill 3: Quiz skill with Database integration(Dynamo DB)
  • Work on the final project. Skill 3: Quiz skill with Database integration (Dynamo DB)
  • Course conclusion



  • CompTIA Network+ prerequisite

Course Outline: Please download PDF 

Who should attend:

Architects, developers, administrators.

Watch the training video tutorial at www.asmed.com/aws6

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