• Saturday Format: 24 Hours


Why Amazon (Link to job opportunities, news, articles, more)

DevOps and  CI/CD on AWS (with various tools and services)


Amazon Web Services (AWS) also known as Amazon Cloud has completely transformed the way we build infrastructure.

This course will teach participants how to work with AWS like a DevOps engineer would need to. Or in short, how to do DevOps on AWS.



  •  AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (Or eqivalent work experiene/knowledge)

What you will learn:        

  • Familiarize with DevOps Tools like Jenkins, Git, Ansible, Terraform and learn how they assist a development team.
  • Familiarize yourself with DevOps and CI/CD terms
  • Learn about the DevOps tools and services provided by AWS.
  • Create a sample project using various tools you know.


  • AWS Knowledge
  • Computer Networking knowledge
  • OS knowledge ( Windows, Linux)

Course Outline: Please download PDF 



Who should attend:

System Admins, DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers, Cloud Engineers


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