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Executive Management

The purpose of this program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to function better as managers through new acquired skills in motivation, delegation, training and development. The program is carefully designed and sequenced to emphasize the application of business concepts to the real world. It provides students with a solid foundation in functional areas of business and equips them with the necessary analytical and managerial skills.

Certificate in Executive Management
Course NumberCourse Title
EMC 101Management Theory and Application
EMC 102Organization Behavior and Development
EMC 103Human Resource
EMC 104Total Quality Management
EMC 105Financial Management
EMC 106Contract Management


EMC 101 – Management Theory and Application

Prerequisites: None

It is the intention of this course to prepare the managers and future managers with the basic understanding of human behavior and development as needed in an office environment through such topics as giving holding meetings, giving presentations, providing feedback, influencing the subordinates, coping with stress, motivation, and time management.

EMC 102 – Organization Behavior and Development

Prerequisites: None

This course has been designed to address the essential concepts of management. These concepts include but are not limited to the following areas; management styles, principles, practices, business culture, decision thinking and bottom up management.

EMC 103 – Human Resource

Prerequisites: None

This course has been designed to introduce the manager(s) to the basic functions of human resources management; these include the following areas; planning, recruitment, compensation, training and development, labor relations, separation from the company.

EMC 104 – Total Quality Management

Prerequisites: None

This course has been designed to meet the growing needs of managers. It is structured to introduce the relationships the manager has with his/her suppliers, make external and internal customer satisfaction a driving force for a positive change, integrating proven quality techniques into every business process, and communicating long term commitment to the organization.

EMC 105 – Financial Management

Prerequisites: None

This course is designed to teach students about the nature and purposes of financial management in the international context. They will gain skills in international investment and financing techniques and in exchange risk management, including accounting and taxation aspects. They will learn, through hands-on case studies and simulations, how to judge the riskiness of a currency from a firm’s perspective, and how to measure and manage the company’s exposure to exchange rate and international interest rate risks. They will discover how companies use banks, markets such as the Eurobond and currency option markets, and techniques such as currency swaps and hybrid bond structures. In the end, the goal is to apply state-of-the-art techniques to the international firm’s investment, financing and risk management decisions.

EMC 106 – Contract Management

Prerequisites: None

This course is about how that is achieved from the very beginning when a client is able to define his needs, through the selection process of projects, participants and contract types to the implementation of projects and complexities of change within a highly dynamic environment to the final account and reviews. Over the years more and more focus has been placed on Contract Management as risks increase, expectations increase, the opportunity for disputes is increased and successful completion is threatened. Contract Management has become a most important process which can often determine the success of the project as a whole.

Schedule & Registration

Quarter/Events2022 Winter2022 Spring2022 Summer2022 Fall
Class BeginsMonday, January 03, 2022Monday, March 4, 2022Monday, July 4, 2022Monday, October 3, 2022
Last day for a full tuition refund minus $100 cancellation feeMonday, January 10Monday, April 11Monday, July 11Monday, October 10
Last day for a 75% tuition refundMonday, January 24Monday, April 25Monday, July 25Monday, October 19
Last day for a 50% tuition refundMonday, February 14Monday, May 16Monday, August 15Monday, November 14
Last day for a 25% tuition refundMonday, March 7Monday, June 6Monday, September 5Monday, December 3
No refundAfter Monday, March 7After Monday, June 6After Monday, September 5After Monday, December 5
Holiday, Institute closedMonday, January 17,
Martin Luther King,
Jr. Day, Monday,
February 21,
Presidents’ Day
Monday, May 30, Memorial DayMonday, July 4,
Independence Day
Monday, September 5,
Labor Day
Monday, October 10, Columbus Day;
Friday, November 11, Veterans Day;
Thursday thru Sunday, November 24 – November 27, Thanksgiving
Class EndsMonday, March 21, 2022Monday, June 20, 2022Monday, September 19, 2022Monday, December 19, 2022

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