• Boot Camp Format: 24 hours


We welcome your decision to improve your business through your investment in executive training, group coaching and professional development.


This 3-week Executive Training, Professional Development with Group Coaching workshop serves as a framework for preparing business owners and entrepreneurs as forward thinking leaders and managers, applying the fundamentals of planning, organizing, leading and delegating in deploying their time, money and effort to efficiently and effectively achieve planned outcomes.

Career Field: Business, Finance & Administrator

  • Entrepreneur/Small Business Administrator
  • Projector Manager
  • Marketing Manager

Course Outline: Please download PDF[sc:pdficon ]

Benefits & Learning Outcomes: Upon successfully completing this workshop, participant will be able to:

  • Answer the question, “Do I Own My Company, or Does My Company Own Me?” by working with business owners on how to become better by focusing their time and effort on only the things an owner can do, while leaving the less-critical tasks to others to handle.
  • Through “Building Your Executive Team” concept, understand how to build their own executive team.
  • Use “Every Brain in the Game” concept to help business owners tighten their culture, involve their team, and maximize the use of company talent.
  • Discuss why “People Problems” exist; why business owners ignore them; why “People Problems” are so costly, and what to do about it.
  • Apply “Putting Payroll on a Diet”, principle, identify and discuss why there is so much waste in labor expenses; often the business’ largest single expense -and strategies on how to eliminate that waste.
  • Apply “Finding and Filling Profit Holes” principle by identifying those little profit drains and fill the holes that money pours through every single month.
  • Use the “Improving Outside Sales” concept by discussing a variety of reasons salespeople are inefficient and also point out different tools that can have a tremendously favorable impact on your salespeople’s ability to increase revenue.
  • Apply “Rallying Your Team Around A Goal” by practicing how to create a meaningful company goal, and how to rally your team around that goal.
  • Show why understanding “Vision, Mission, Values” is The Real-Deal! Pointing out how to use Vision, Mission, and Values statements as tools which, when used correctly, will make a tremendously favorable impact on the business owner, team members, and the business itself in many ways.

This three-week program is an intense, sequential and progressive training, professional development and coaching format.

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