• Boot Camp Format: 5 days
  • Required Exam: 70-463
sql 2012



You have created databases and performed database administration tasks. As business expands, organizations build data warehouses to manage the huge volumes of data and obtain strategic information from it. To meet these requirements, you will create dimension tables and fact tables and implement them in a data warehouse in SQL Server 2012.

You will also perform ETL operations by creating SSIS packages, managing a control flow and data flow, executing packages, and troubleshooting errors. To ensure the smooth functioning of the ETL operations, you will manage SSIS packages and secure them. In addition to these tasks, you will work with master data and access databases in the Windows Azure cloud platform. By familiarizing yourself with these tasks, you can implement a data warehouse in your organization that suits the requirements of your business. In this course, you will implement a data warehouse.


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Database Querying (Exam 70-461)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Database Administration (Exam 70-462)


This course is designed for Extract Transform Load (ETL) and Data Warehouse developers who are already handling the creation and implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions such as data cleansing, ETL, and implementing Data Warehouse. This course is also intended for database professionals who aspire to become a BI developer and want to gain hands on experience on creating BI solutions.

Course Outline: Please download PDF[sc:pdficon ]

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