• Boot Camp Format: 5 days
  • Language: English



A Professional Cloud Architect enables organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, this individual can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.



  • Familiarity with general networking concepts or 1 year experience as network or system administrator or CompTIA Network+ or Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer or CompTIA Cloud+ or Cloud Essentials (optional)

Course Outline: Please download PDF

Why Google Cloud ?

  • Significant global demand
  • The high adoption rate of Google cloud services by organizations
  • The lack of cloud expertise is identified as the #1 challenge with cloud adoption by 25% of corporations. There’s clearly a shortage of certified Google cloud professionals available today
  • Combining Google Cloud certifications with other certifications to expand skill sets and increase salaries even more

The Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exam assesses your ability to:

  • Design and plan a cloud solution architecture
  • Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure
  • Design for security and compliance
  • Analyze and optimize technical and business processes
  • Manage implementations of cloud architecture
  • Ensure solution and operations reliability

Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer qualify for these careers:

  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Architect

Exam Requirements
  • 1 certification exam
Exam Format
  • Multiple choice
  • 2 Hours

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