• Boot Camp Format: 5 days
  • Required Exam: SC0-471



Our authorized SCNP (Security Certified Network Professional) training program picks up right where the SCNS training program leaves off. It’s the second course in the SCP line-up. It will give a network administrator the additional hands on skills needed to protect their network from the inside out.

This course teaches the students about prevention techniques as well as giving them an understanding of risk analysis and security policy creation in a blended technology environment. The up-to-date security lessons and intense, hands-on labs bring a real world network security to training candidates.

Our SCP Authorized SCNP Boot Camp Training Program focuses on the required elements of securing a network, such as securing Windows and Linux systems. It’s designed to validate the foundational skills required by security professionals including, but not limited to: Cryptography, Hardening Linux Computers, Hardening Windows Computers, Ethical Hacking Techniques, Security on the Internet and World Wide Web, Performing a Risk Analysis, Creating a Security Policy and Analyzing Packet Signatures.

The current lessons and detailed hands-on labs, in the SCNP courseware, bring a high level of security skills to the candidates. The students will be prepared for the exam

SC0-471 – Strategic Infrastructure Security (SIS).


A valid SCNS certification

Course Outline: Please download PDF[sc:pdficon ]


Our SCP Authorized SCNP Boot Camp Training Program is designed for IT Managers, Network Administrators, and Security Workforce.

Exam Requirements
  • 1 certification exam
Exam Number
  • SC0-471
Exam Format
  • Multiple choice/Multiple answer
  • 90 minutes
  • 60 questions
Minimum Passing Score
  • 75%

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