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Web Design 2

The objective of the Certificate in Web Design II is to provide a basic knowledge and skill for students to become professional web designers. The courses in this program will give students hands-on exposure to cutting-edge web design software that will provide them with the wide array of skills needed to create a complete website.

Certificate in Web Design II
Course NumberCourse Title
CIS 195Introduction to JavaScript
CIS 200Introduction to InDesign
CIS 205Advanced JavaScript
CIS 290Graphic Design for the Web II


CIS 195 – Introduction to JavaScript

Prerequisites: CIS 175

This course introduces students to JavaScript programming. Students will learn the basic concepts of JavaScript and will gain hands-on experience in programming with JavaScript for various purposes including web designing.

CIS 200 – Introduction to InDesign

Prerequisites: CIS 120

In this course, students learn to use Adobe InDesign to design creative page layouts for print or digital distribution. Students learn to use creative tools that enable them to integrate interactivity as well as audiovisuals for computers and mobile devices.

CIS 205 – Advanced JavaScript

Prerequisites: CIS 195

This course dives into in-depth front-end web development techniques. Students will learn the basic concepts of JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces.


CIS 290 – Graphic Design for the Web II

Prerequisites: CIS 120

In this course, students use Adobe Illustrator to develop high definition graphics that can be printed or used on the web, computers, and mobile devices for marketing, advertising, and various other purposes.


Web Developer
Web Designer
Front-end web Developer
Back-end Web Developer

Schedule & Registration

Quarter/Events2022 Winter2022 Spring2022 Summer2022 Fall
Class BeginsMonday, January 03, 2022Monday, March 4, 2022Monday, July 4, 2022Monday, October 3, 2022
Last day for a full tuition refund minus $100 cancellation feeMonday, January 10Monday, April 11Monday, July 11Monday, October 10
Last day for a 75% tuition refundMonday, January 24Monday, April 25Monday, July 25Monday, October 19
Last day for a 50% tuition refundMonday, February 14Monday, May 16Monday, August 15Monday, November 14
Last day for a 25% tuition refundMonday, March 7Monday, June 6Monday, September 5Monday, December 3
No refundAfter Monday, March 7After Monday, June 6After Monday, September 5After Monday, December 5
Holiday, Institute closedMonday, January 17,
Martin Luther King,
Jr. Day, Monday,
February 21,
Presidents’ Day
Monday, May 30, Memorial DayMonday, July 4,
Independence Day
Monday, September 5,
Labor Day
Monday, October 10, Columbus Day;
Friday, November 11, Veterans Day;
Thursday thru Sunday, November 24 – November 27, Thanksgiving
Class EndsMonday, March 21, 2022Monday, June 20, 2022Monday, September 19, 2022Monday, December 19, 2022

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