ASM ‘s “blended” learning solutions provides engaging, fit-for-purpose educational content delivered through a robust management system that tracks and coordinates training activities on an enterprise scale.

A key feature of the management system, “grid”, is its ability to deliver media-rich learning materials regardless of Internet bandwidth quality. Because ASM ‘s clients’ operations occur in remote regions of the world where broadband internet access is either non-existent, or costly, this feature is an important consideration.

ASM through its industry partners have pioneered a content deployment approach leveraging standard USB drive technology. Specially developed software code in the drive allows eLearning to be consumed and tracked completely off-line using widely available PCs with Windows. The re-purposed device, “Stick”, works hand-in-glove with the on-line management system “Grid” if the computer has a connection to the Internet.

ASM provides a solution that will meet ASM’s clients’ training needs using “Grid/Stick” technology and the extensive electronic course library.

ASM will create a unique “Grid” portal for ASM’s clients through which only ASM clients will have access. Before “Sticks” are deployed, they will be pre-loaded with the ASM’s eLearning content.

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GRID/STICK Capabilities Summary
  • Ability to customize and assign a training curriculum of ASM’s eLearning courses and
    assessments in combination with on-site training assignments.
  • Ability to design multiple curriculums based on employee job function and location.
  • Automatic synchronization of employees’ “Stick” with “Grid”.
  • Ability to track employees’ progress in their respective training curriculums, including time spent in each e-Learning module.
  • Ability to review employee assessment scores and compare performance metrics across the workforce.
  • Ability to store and track employee documents and training certificates in a centralized database for quick access and review.
  • Ability to deploy and track eLearning anywhere in the world, even without an internet connection, via “Stick”. Employee metrics and assessment scores are stored on “Stick” and automatically synced with “Grid” when internet connection is restored.


ASM Library of Oil and Gas Industry Courses

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