This is the combined course of Core Concepts and Security+!


This course will help the student to understand what is required to become a cyber security specialist, you will learn the TCP/IP protocol and the weaknesses that this protocol has, and how to strengthen and mitigate those weaknesses, then you will learn the important concepts of Unix/Linux operating systems and how they prepare you for the understanding of the majority of the hacking tools that are out there. Finally, you will learn how to use virtualization to build your own cyber range and practice the techniques of both hacking and defense.

The following courses will prepare you for Enhancing your Cyber Security Foundation:

1. CompTIA Security+
2. EC-Council Core Concepts


  •  Completion of A+ or Network+, or
  •  2+ years of experience in the field; or
  •  1+ years of experience in the field with College Degree
  • Recommend that candidates have at least some Windows navigation experience.