Experis has partnered with several local integrators looking to fulfill HelpDesk positions! If interested in learning more about position openings, please e-mail Elizabeth at Elizabeth.Kiely@experis.com, or call 301-921-3630.


Located at Washington, DC 20431-Metro Accessible

The successful candidate will perform a wide variety of technical activities for telecommunications projects requiring experience in network infrastructure, installation procedures, and signal-transmission characteristics of telecommunications systems. They must possess in-depth knowledge of theories and techniques associated with inside/outside fixed plant facilities and have sound knowledge of telecommunications electronics theories, concepts, and principles to perform the duties listed.


  • Strong Excel 2016 skills, can be from school, graduate or undergraduate level.
  • Providing support to Economists with difficult Excel needs.
  • Experience with or strong knowledge of the following is a must:
    • Pivot Tables: Know how to create a Pivot Table
    • Excel Functions: Good understanding of functions, how to use them and where to look for them
    • Charts: Create and modify charts
    • Excel Macros: Need to be able to record and run macros.
  • Basic programming skills and database knowledge is required.
  • Experience with VBA programming or similar programming experience from school or work a plus.
  • Good interpersonal/customer support skills are also key as part of this job requires system support and interacting with economists and staff researchers.
  • Undergraduate degree required (Information Systems or IT is a plus)
  • Working with the Economists to understand business and work with Economic data.
  • Will support Enterprise-wide users from a Tier 2 and Tier 3 perspective.
  • Willingness to learn, support users with a positive attitude.
  • Support anything related to Excel.
  • Any Economic background a plus – will be supporting economic data.
  • Willingness to learn and support users with a positive attitude.

Responsibilities will include providing Tier 2 support on Excel and related applications.
Working directly with staff members throughout the client site in the retrieval and manipulation of economic data (i.e., developing macros/add-ins to streamline economic research/analysis).
Providing training to users.