Google hired more women for tech roles last year 

Women made up about one-fifth of Google’s tech hires last year, the company said. The company said it’s also working to expand hiring of blacks and Hispanics. Reuters (6/1)

Webinar: Why employers look for IT certifications

The demand for IT workers continues to grow, and employers are turning to certifications to help identify qualified candidates. In this upcoming CompTIA webinar, we’ll dive into reasons why employers look for IT certifications, based on CompTIA’s “HR Perceptions of IT Training and Certification” report. The webinar will feature industry IT professionals who will help participants learn what qualifications are needed to get an IT job, how to make a resume stand out and what gets candidates noticed. Join usTuesday, June 23, at 11 a.m. CDT for this important session. Register today.

Why trust is an organization’s most important asset

The best team members aren’t necessarily the most skilled, but rather those you can trust to be transparent, dedicated and responsible, argues Todd Hirneisen of the Maryland Air National Guard. “[T]rust throughout an organization, top to bottom and bottom to top, is the most important factor for organizations to perform at a high level,” he writes. General Leadership (5/29)

Scrutiny falls on IRS staffing cuts in wake of data breach

The Internal Revenue Service is spending more on cybersecurity but using fewer employees to do the job, a budget data assessment indicates. The agency, which recently suffered a network breach exposing 100,000 taxpayer accounts, saw its cybersecurity headcount drop by 11% from 2011 to 2014, which some analysts say may signify a stronger commitment to outsourcing. Computerworld (5/28)

Fortinet calls for IoT security certification, regulation

Executives of Fortinet say connected devices for the Internet of Things are lacking in security measures. Industry certification and a regulatory framework are necessary to address the issue, according to the executives. ZDNet (5/21)

Report: Pay, hiring process hurt states’ efforts to add cyberexperts

There is a shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers in state government, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers says. Researchers say long hiring processes, low pay and a small pool of qualified workers have made it difficult to attract and retain qualified employees. The Sacramento Bee (Calif.) (tiered subscription model) (5/25)

What’s the state of the IT industry?

The IT industry will grow 5% in 2015 — a notable increase over last year, though it’s consistent with steadily improving business sentiment. Where are we seeing projected growth, and why? Find out in CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2015, which also features an overview of the size, shape and growth factors impacting our industry. Access the report today.

What millennials are looking for in their next job

Employers should care about what millennials are looking for in the workplace and adapt to attract young talent, Dana Manciagli writes. Manciagli suggests offering competitive health care benefits and wellness programs, and considering the importance of mentors and a collaborative and flexible work environment. American City Business Journals/Louisville, Ky. (2/25)

3 keys to a great workplace: “trust, respect, and dignity”

Most companies don’t have any idea how happy employees are, which means forgoing the full potential of the business as well as the people, writes S. Chris Edmonds. “[W]hen work environments demonstrate trust, respect, and dignity to every player in every interaction, engagement goes up, customer service goes up, and results and profits go up,” he writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (2/24)

Are soft skills key to innovation?

The key to innovation is hiring workers with soft skills, such as the ability to listen carefully, writes Avinoam Nowogrodski, citing a CareerBuilder survey that indicates more than three-quarters of employers are looking for workers with strong soft skills. “Innovation is created with people you respect — and it will never happen in a group of people who don’t listen to one another,” he writes. Fast Company online (2/23)

How workers are benefiting from the Uber-ization of the workplace

Businesses are trying to find ways to get work done for less and with fewer resources, and in response workers are demanding better work-life balance, experts say. Contract workers are finding that the new job market means less job security but also a pathway to flexible and autonomous careers. CIO.com(2/23)

Kick-start your new year with AWIT webinar series

Now is a great time for everyone to build career momentum for 2015. CompTIA’s Advancing Women in IT Community will offer a series of free educational webinars in 2015 to help your business boost performance and productivity. Learn more about the AWIT webinar series.

Get the latest in Workforce Development & Career news

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Looking to better your career? Top job tips from HR pros

It’s true, IT professionals are in high demand. Even so, there are many applicants out there. How do you set yourself apart? Three respected human resource recruiters at popular IT companies discuss what IT pros should consider when applying for a new job in the industry. Hint: It’s everything from a tailored resume using social media. Interested in learning more? Get the full story on CompTIA’s Certifications blog.

Analysis: What drives millennials in the workplace

Maintaining work-life balance and establishing flexible work schedules will be key for millennials in the workplace, a report from Bentley University and KRC Research says. Millennials also said in-person communication and yearly salary increases would help improve their loyalty to an employer. CIO.com(2/13)

Why social media is still a powerful tool for IT recruitment

Large enterprises are moving away from Facebook as a marketing platform, but experts say that doesn’t mean social media can’t play an important role in recruiting. Jobvite says about three-quarters of recruiters found at least one hire using social media last year, and that increased visibility on social media can help recruiters tap into the mobility trend. CIO.com (2/4)

Experts: The most important skills in IT are the hardest to teach

Technical acumen is an essential part of IT work, but experts say more subtle skills — teamwork, empathy and the ability to negotiate — are what separate the top performers. “You can have the best technology and processes in the world, but if your people aren’t able to communicate about them, if they aren’t effectively demonstrating teamwork, critical thinking and emotional intelligence, it doesn’t help your business succeed,” said Transformation Point’s Kevin King. CIO.com (2/2)

CompTIA: IT positions remain in high demand

IT service and support personnel and technicians remain among the most-sought-after job candidates, according to a CompTIA survey. About 68% of executives said they expect to struggle to find skilled workers to fill open positions this year. The VAR Guy (2/2)

Obama requests increased cybersecurity spending

President Barack Obama is asking Congress to spend $14 billion to bolster cyberdefenses. Obama’s proposed budget seeks $5.5 billion for cybersecurity by the Pentagon and $227 million to create a Civilian Cyber Campus to improve public-private information sharing. Reuters (2/2)

Pentagon targets Internet of Things with new cybersecurity approach

Protecting defense networks from a cyberattack is no longer just about securing computer systems because the Internet of Things makes everyday items such as refrigerators and jet engines a potential point of vulnerability, Defense Department officials say. Richard Hale says the Pentagon is adjusting by integrating cybersecurity into every aspect of its decision-making process. Breaking Defense (1/27)

Information-sharing critical for cyber-readiness, Joint Chiefs chairman says

A Pentagon official is urging Congress to pass President Barack Obama’s cybersecurity proposal, saying the free flow of intelligence on cyberthreats between the public and private sectors will help shore up the system. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says such legislation would be a critical factor in assisting the military’s cyberdefenses.The Hill (1/21)

Interested in IT careers? Take a test drive.

IT positions make up more than 10% of all job openings in the U.S. If you are thinking about making the move to tech, check out our latest set of videos on CompTIA TV YouTube channel. See the many different careers make up the IT community. And when you’re ready, check out how to become certified to help get you on your way.

11 ways to display professionalism

To be professional in the workplace means more than being good at your job, Dan McCarthy writes. You also need to be reliable, honest, well-spoken, well-groomed and positive. “Competence is a minimum standard — the rest of what makes up workplace professionalism is all about behavior,” McCarthy writes.About.com (1/28)

Demand for IT seen topping corporate hiring budgets

Businesses are gaining confidence to hire new workers, and IT staffers are the ones most in demand, analysts say. “This current shortage of IT talent combined with our strengthening economy presents talented IT professionals with exceptional opportunities to not only find positions, but positions that pay well,” says Anthony Curlo of DaVinciTek. The VAR Guy (1/21)

Intel diversity program should involve cultural changes, advocates say

Intel’s recently announced diversity plan needs to include a focus on making the company more attractive for female and minority candidates, advocates say.Reuters (1/20)

Forecast: Expect growth for managed IT services this year

Increased security, solutions for the Internet of Things and greater reliance on managed IT services are three trends expected in 2015, experts say. Tighter access and better encryption will improve security, experts say. Finance and Commerce (Minneapolis) (1/2)