Microsoft Azure Access Windows VMs over SSL without Public IPs using Azure Bastion |

Microsoft Azure Access Windows VMs over SSL without Public IPs using Azure Bastion

Azure Bastion is a service you deploy that lets you connect to a virtual machine using your browser and the Azure portal. The Azure Bastion service is a fully platform-managed PaaS service that you provision inside your virtual network. It provides secure and seamless RDP/SSH connectivity to your virtual machines directly from the Azure portal over TLS. When you connect via Azure Bastion, your virtual machines do not need a public IP address, agent, or special client software.

Azure Bastion deployment is per virtual network, not per subscription/account or virtual machine. Once you provision an Azure Bastion service in your virtual network, the RDP/SSH experience is available to all your VMs in the same virtual network.

When sensitive information is stored on the hard drive of a machine that is to be surplussed or transferred to another individual or department, it is therefore imperative that extra measures be taken to wipe clean the hard drive before the computer leaves your area of responsibility. This document describes some common methods and software to assist you with the sanitization process. It also includes links to articles that provide detailed technical descriptions of what occurs during this process.

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The goal of this lab is to  connect to  VM which  has only Private Ip address , but we do not want to connect Via RDP ; but connect via https.

In here I have a VNET = with Subnet = and where my VM is located and my VM has only Security group that has https access only no RDP

Step 1) I go to VNET and then click on left side on Subnet and Add Subnet and make sure called it AzureBastionSubnet ( if you misspelled it , it will not work) and put this new subnets inside the – Leave all other as default.

Step 2) Then go on Top and search for Bastion ;

             Name =Bastion1


             Virtual Network= VNET

             Subnet = you should your subnet called AzureastionSubnet ; if you misspelled ; then it will not be show in here ; you need to go and delate the old one and create a new one.

             Public IP address = create a new one = BastionIPaddress

             Tag =none

             Review and create it

Step 3) It will take about 3-5 min to create it; then I go to my VM ; then click connect ; but now I will pick Bastion ( instead of RDP) then you will see a new page

          Username =hamedmoghaddam

         Password= xxxxxxxxxx

Step 4) Now you will see you are connected to your Windows 2019 server via https not RDP; and when you logged in ; you will be able to access internet ; remember this VM has no Public IP address .

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