Thanks to the Lord!!!Thanks to ASM staff and instructor for good material and courses.

Mugaragu. 09/17/2018, Exam: N10-007, Score: 735/900

Great instructor ! Study is the key to success.

Oliver. 09/05/2018, Exam: N10-007, Score: 729/900

Thanks to ASM and Mr.ED for giving me the tools needed to be successful and pass this test. Thank you!

Frank, 08/30/2018, Exam: N10-006, Score: 764/900

May thank you to the wonderful staff at ASM educational center!!

Jeffery, 08/13/2018, Exam: N10-006, Score: 723/900

Thank you ASM! you guys are the best,Thanks so much for support!

Colin, 08/27/2018, Exam: N10-006, Score: 723/900

ASM is the best.Shout out to Edmond and the lovely ladies at the front desk.

Roger, 06/29/2018, Exam: N10-006, Score: 742/900

Finally!! It has been a long time coming. Two down, security+ to go. Thank you to all the ASM Educational center staff for their continued support and encouragement. Thank you Sherri for the classes and all your help. And Thank God

Alfred, 02/22/2017, Exam: N10-006, Score: 735/900

Thanks, ASM. Nothing is impossible.

Cedric, 12/29/2017, Exam: N10-006, Score: 751/900

1year! THANK You! Thank you for empowering me to change my life.

Devin, 12/29/2016, Exam: N10-006, Score: 751/900

Thanks to kevin’s strategy, some of the questions i was able to narrow down. Study hard especially the basic concept of networking devices! Make sure you get a good sleep .Thank you kevin.

Shinichiro I, 10/21/2016, Exam: N10-006, Score: 720/725

Great course.Thanks for all your help Kevin!

RoIand W, 7/28/2016, Exam: N10-006, Score: 720/725

Thanks to ASM for making it possible for me to pass!!

Ramsey G, 4/14/2016, Exam: N10-006, Score: 720/730

Great job!! Love Adrienne positive encouragement.


Kevin K, 8/28/2016, Exam: N10-006, Score: 720/725

Thank you so much Adrinne + Sherri!! You both are awsome. From no IT background to this, i feel great and i’m ready for my new job!! Thank you.

Elaine G, 9/23/2016, Exam: N10-006, Score: 720/766

I have enjoyed Kevin T** as ** instructor for the CompTIA Network plus class. Kevin made the class very interesting **d provides real world experience related to the class discussions. He also provided good advice and what to expect on the exam. I would definitely take his class in the near future.

S. I. 10/5/2016

” Thank you sherri. I did it. Praise the Lord.”

Adjete A, 8/28/2015, Exam: N10-005, Score: 766/900

” Great Job! Love Adrienne positive encouragement.”

Kevin K, 8/28/2015, Exam: N10-005, Score: 725/900

” Thank You so much ASM for allowing me to learn and get the rsources to pass the Network + exam.  So glad, Praise the Lord!”

Matthew W, 8/13/2015, Exam: N10-006, Score: 746/900

” Thanks ASM and more importantly Sherri, you are a wonderful teacher.”

Robert G, 8/5/2015, Exam: N10-005, Score: 741/900

” Thanks to DOES and ASM. I’m now Net+ Certified. I love the people and the environment. I’ll be back 🙂 “

Emanuel D, 01/2015, Exam: N10-005, Score: 766/900

” Finally! After 15 years, Idid it. Thanks Sherri !”

Ryan J, 11/2014, Exam: N10-005, Score: 730/900

“Thanks for everything! See you in CCNA! Praise the Lord!”

Juan A, 12/13, Exam: N10-005, Score: 720/900.

“Thanks to all the staff at ASM! It was hard but worth it.”

David F, 7/2013, Exam: N10-005, Score: 743/900

“I thank our Lord God, for my passing test and thank ASM for give my this opportunity with the best materials and good instructors like Hamed. I recommend all candidate be patient and consistent and trust God. Lord be with all of you.”

Mohammad A

“Thanks to ASM I passed Network+ and A+. Praise God! Without your teaching I would not made it this far! The key word is Patience! See you for MCSE.”

William A

“Thank God for giving me the strength and knowledge and ability to pass this exam.Thank you Val for your instruction. Thanks ASM for providing the opportunity for my success in the IT industry.”

Rodrick B

“Praise god! With no experience but a lot of good teaching from ASM, I passed A+ and Network+ on the first try. I’m looking forward to more certs… and a job” –

Darrell B

“ASM was very helpful to all the success achieved, so far in all the courses I undertook here. I’ll recommend to all the students willing to learn.”

Ayodeji A, 04/2006, Exam: N10-003, Score: 641/900

“Thanks so much to Hamed and Helenice for all your help and being such cool people. You are a blessing. I’ll see you soon…”

Abner M, 07/2006, Exam: N10-003, Score: 695/900

“What helped me the most was the review of the practice exams and the skills that the instructor was able to pass along to me during the class. This class was very helpful”

Jackie N, 10/2006, Exam: N10-003, Score: 632/900

“Thank you for your patience and great teaching. You were thorough and covered all info very well.”

Deborah M, 10/2006, Exam: N10-003, Score: 601/900

“Great School! Real professional, yet comfortable! Sam is a superb instructor! I want to send a note of Thanks for your instruction on the Network+ material last week. I DID pass the test and now I’m certified! I owe a lot of it to you. Your personality, genuine caring and easy going spirit helped me feel at ease and participate as if I was the only one in the room.”

Mark G, 08/2007, Exam: N10-003, Score: 569/900

“Thank you J and ASM for your support and guidance. Best wishes.”

Byron H, 10/2007, Exam: N10-003, Score: 569/900.

“Before coming to ASM I had no background in IT or networking. Hamed’s teaching style is easy to understand, straight to the point. If looking to change careers or to start in IT I recommend ASM. And I will continue my training here.”

Brian M, 05/2008, Exam: N10-003, Score: 800/900.

“Thank you for teaching me about Net+, I am so happy. Thanks to my teacher Hamed, I got a great score! Have a great day!”

Kurniawan H, 05/2008, Exam: N10-003, Score: 885/900.

“I walked through the door with no experience, no IT background ,Now my future is bright and my resume is better.”

Brian M, 05/2009, Exam: N10-003, Score: 660/900.

“The best place to be ,instructor is the best!”

Samuel M, 05/2009, Exam: N10-003, Score: 720/900.

“Great training! thank you ASM!”

Jonathan B, 05/2009, Exam: N10-003, Score: 790/900.

“ASM is a very good instructor a great class that is very challenging.”

Stefan R, 04/2009, Exam: N10-003, Score: 675/900.

“ASM is Great instructor covered more essentials Thank you.”

Tub V, 07/2009, Exam: N10-003, Score: 720/900.

“GREAT Class .No IT Experience at all but passed the test in 4 days Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!. Praise The Lord !”

Christopher G 06/24/2010 , Exam: N10-004, Score: 858/900.

“instructor was GREAT help. all the guys at ASM are Great .thanks So much thank God”

Greggory H 2/17/2011 , Exam: N10-004, Score: 826/900.

“Thanks to ASM for teaching me everything to help me on my way, thank you Jesus ”

Anton F 4/1/2011 , Exam: N10-004, Score: 862/900

“This was the best Boot Camp I ever had .I was very well prepared for the exam and although the class was hard ,I felt overwhelmed ” Hamed” taught exactly what we need to know to pass the Exam.”

Stacy H 08/26/11 , Exam: N10-004, Score: 829/900.

“Thank you ASM. Passed on the first try! I highly recommend you and I will see you soon for CCNA”.

Erik G, 04/09/2012, Exam: N10-005, Score:873/900.

“Thank you guys! Great Class and Great teacher. Thank you Sam!! See you guys in CCNA”.

Kenny F, 04/23/2012, Exam: N10-005, Score:860/900

“Thank you to Kevin and ASM for preparing me for the certification exam. I couldn’t have passed without your help!”

Joshua H, 04/26/2012, Exam: N10-004, Score:800/1000

“Thanks to Kevin Tan for preparing me well to ace the exam!!! Thanks to ASM and very hospitable staff for making it very enjoyable experience. I will be back”. –

Upul A, 04/27/2012, Exam:N10-004, Score: 855/900

“Thank you for making me pass. Instructor Sam is great. Thank you ASM staff. I’ll be back”.

Manfred F, 05/18/2012, Exam: N10-005, Score 854/900

“Before I took this exam, I waited for 1 year after the class because I was afraid. I took a refresher class with Hamed and he built my skills and confidence. Thanks so much Hamed. Thanks a ton. Praise God”.

Ruthea S, 05/25/2012, Exam: N10-004, Score:720/1000

“Thanks ASM for helping me and working with me to acquire this certification!”

Tony R, 04/2014, Exam: N10-005, Score: 797/900.

“Thanks to ASM for helping and giving me the knowledge as I accomplish one of my goals. Especially to my instructor. Praise the Lord!”

Ferdinand G, 4/2014, Exam: N10-005, Score: 746/900.

“Thanks Ms Sherri! ASM has great instructors!” –

Azariah K, 04/2014, Exam:N10-005, Score: 827/900.

“Praise the Lord! I would recommend this class to everyone at all levels! Great instruction!!!”

Timothy A, 04/2014 Exam: N10-005, Score: 818/900.

“Thanks ASM for this journey! Now I have the confidence I need to proceed in IT!!! Thanks Ms Sherri”

Alexis M, 04/2014 Exam: N10-005, Score: 861/900.

“Could not have passed without this course! Thanks!

Daniel D, 03/2014, Exam: N10-005, Score: 827/900.

“Thank you ASM! I will be back!”

Michael K, 03/2014, Exam: N10-005, Score: 805/900.

“Could not have passed without this course! Thanks!

Daniel D, 03/2014, Exam: N10-005, Score: 827/900.

“Thank you ASM! I will be back!”

Michael K, 03/2014, Exam: N10-005, Score: 805/900.