Thanks to ASM+DOES i was able to get my dream job I would highly recommend ASM for training

Paul, 07/27/2018, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 755/900


ASM,Helped Me Passed this test!! Follow Study Approach by Edmond

David, 07/30/2018, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 769/900


Yeaaah! Praise God!! I’m so Excited! Thanks to Edmond and others at ASM for all your help! It’s great team at ASM 🙂

Natha, 07/31/2018, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 757/900

Thank you so much for all your help and motivation. I would not be here if it wasn’t for all your support. I encourage all of the students to stay focus and never give up. Everything is achievable.

God Bless!!


Natasha, 03/31/2017, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 754/900


Thanks Ms.Sherri

Studied hard! Reading frequently and your input helped me pass!


Frederick, 04/03/2017, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 750/900

Learned a lot

Hope to see this used in ms career.


Mark, 01/24/2017, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 794/900


Vincent, 01/18/2017, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 789/900

Thanks for the great teaching and the tools to pass!

Stephen, 12/06/2016, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 774/900

Thank you ASM and instructor Sherri, for a great course that helps to provide essential info and tips for security+ much more than what one finds in self-study on a book!Thanks

Craig E, 11/18/2016, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 750/832

ASM is one the best schools for IT. They have great staff and always ready to help their students! I will take more classes here. I took Net+ and Security+ and have passed both exams on first try. Thanks ASM! 🙂

C. P. 9/30/2016

“Couldn’t have passed without the ASM Security + boot camp course and of course the refresh course. Thanks for everything.”

Cindy B, 12/22/2015, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 780/900

“First all glory goes to God. Failed 3 times on my own studies. I came to ASM and Ms. Sherri + Ms. Stewart, with education and encouragement, I pass “Baby”. Extremely tough but never quit attitude, I pass.”


Lemuel H, 12/21/2015, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 773/900

“It was a great experience taking the class. The follow-up study was invaluable as well. Thanks to all at ASM who assisted me in one way or another, and my classmates. I look forward to taking future classes here.”

Lyndon B, 12/2/2015, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 770/900

“Thank You Sherri ! You opened my mind to really understand the material. Thank You Adrienne for your encouragement ! God Bless You!”

Kendra P, 11/20/2015, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 789/900

“ASM has come through again for me. Thank You to teacher Cris. Thank You to Adrienne.”

Kenel D, 11/2/2015, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 789/900

“Thanks you ASM and Sherri for helping me prepare for the Sec+ Exam. This will help me with my next performance review.

Kenneth L, 1/30/2015, Exam: SYO-401, Score: 750/772

I am ecstatic! Thanks and praise to God! ASM, Roger Leyou and Sherri, the enforcer! Know thyself and be confident!

David M. 11/21/2014, Exam: SYO-301, Score: 750/820

“Thanks to ASM! I am now A+, Net+ and Sec+ certified! Praise the Lord!”

Ray C, 2/25/2013, Exam: SYO-301, Score: 750/881

“The class prepared me very well for the certification!”.

Thomas S, 07/12/2012, Exam: SY0-301, Score: 801/900

“Thanks ASM Educational Center!! Sam did an awesome job instructing and answering all of our questions. Thanks again”.

Andrew H, 07/12/12, Exam: SY0-301, Score:872/900

“Thanks for all your help with furthering my knowledge of basic security concepts. I will be back for the next course. CISSP here I come. Thanks again”

Carl S, Score: 820/900

“A good school. I highly recommend it. Kwame, you’re a great and the best teacher. Next is CISSP”

Gregorio J, 05/2007, Exam: SY0-101, Score: 770/900

“I found ASM on line and it fit what I needed. Little did I know it was more than I needed. It was great not having to worry about a hotel or where to eat lunch. I also didn’t have to worry about transportation because of the metro. It was also nice having a quiet place to study. ASM is really family business and treats you like you are a part of theirs! PS. Kwame rocks.”

Laura S, 03/2008, Exam: SY0-101, Score: 885/900.

“Thank you ASM for such high class training. Your trainers are top notch. If I had to do it again, there is no other place to go then ASM! Thanks to you also Kwame. ASM rules!”

Charles W, 4/2008, Exam: SY0-101, Score: 900/900.

“Could not have done it without the help of all at the ASM Educational Center, specially Kwame. Thank you all!!” –

Jeanette S, 4/2008, Exam: SY0-101, Score: 885/900.

“I felt like in family’s environment in this school. thanks so much to ASM thank you Kwame! Best School! Best teacher! “

Daniel D, 6/2009, Exam: Sy0-101, Score: 880/900.

“Great school and perfect staffs with lots of useful info for my special need. great boot camp days. I pass with great score and right on time with great score and right on time before my deployment! I love the donates”

Bao D, 6/2009, Exam: Sy0-101, Score: 900/900.

“ASM Rocks! my teacher is the best!”

Marc S, 6/2009, Exam: Sy0-101, Score: 900/900.

“Thanks for the continued help on all my certifications A+, Net+, and Sec+. Awesome Institution”.-

Ali S, 03/19/2012, Exam: SY0-301, Score: 798/900

“I passed!! Thanks a lot Kwame, ASM, and Mr. Burrell, for this course very helpful. Now its time for CISSP. Praise the Lord!”.

John H, 06/11/2012, Exam:SY0-301, Score: 770/900

“Thanks to Kwame (Instructor) & ASM for this class. Job well done”.

Johny S, 06/21/2012, Exam:SY0-301, Score:848/900

“I passed!! Thanks a lot Kwame, ASM, and Mr. Burrell, for this course very helpful. Now its time for CISSP. Praise the Lord!”.

John H, 06/11/2012, Exam:SY0-301, Score: 770/900

“Thanks to Kwame (Instructor) & ASM for this class. Job well done”.

Johny S, 06/21/2012, Exam:SY0-301, Score:848/900