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Tech Brief Exerpts

When it comes to the cloud, you can’t secure, operate or manage costs for what you can’t see. As more of your critical workloads move to AWS, you need end-to-end visibility to:

• Ensure AWS deployments meet or exceed security and compliance standards
• Guarantee AWS-based applications and services meet defined SLAs
• Gain critical security, operational and cost management insights across your entire AWS environment.


Splunk solutions make it easy to gain end-to-end visibility across your AWS and hybrid environment. Deploy as software (Splunk Enterprise) or as a cloud service (Splunk Cloud) to gain a complete view of your cloud, applications and services. Leverage the free Splunk App for AWS (available on Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud and Splunk Insights in AWS Marketplace) to gain critical security, operational and cost optimization insights into your AWS deployment.

Splunk’s Portfolio of Cloud Solutions Includes:

  • Splunk App for AWS: Provides pre-built dashboards, reports and alerts that instantly deliver critical operational and security insights into your AWS deployment
  • Splunk Cloud: Delivers Operational Intelligence as a cloud service, backed by a 100% uptime SLA
  • Splunk Light (cloud service): Automates log search and analysis for small IT environments
  • Splunk Enterprise on AWS: Delivers Operational Intelligence as self-deployed software on AWS in a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model
  • Amazon Machine Images: Accelerate deployment of Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Light and Hunk on AWS
  • Technology Integrations with AWS Lambda, Kinesis and IoT: Enables direct collection from AWS Lambda (via Splunk HTTP Event Collector) to enable monitoring of AWS Lambda applications as well as services natively integrated with Lambda (such as AWS Kinesis and AWS IoT service)
  • Hunk Integration with EMR/S3: Enables easy exploration of data in Amazon EMR and S3

Gain End-to-End AWS Visibility

The Splunk App for AWS offers a rich set of pre-built dashboards and reports to analyze and visualize data from numerous AWS services—including AWS
CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS Config Rules, Amazon Inspector, Amazon RDS, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon VPC Flow Logs, Amazon S3, Amazon ECS,
Amazon CloudFront, Amazon EBS, Amazon ELB and AWS Billing—all from a single, free app.


Use Splunk as a Cloud Service

Splunk Cloud
Splunk Cloud is an AWS-based service that delivers the benefits of Splunk Enterprise with the flexibility of a cloud service. Using Splunk Cloud, you can search, analyze and visualize data from applications and devices across your entire environment, including AWS, on-premises data centers and any other public/private cloud environments. Splunk Cloud meets the highest levels of security and reliability, having completed SOC2 Type 2 attestation and ISO 27001 certification. Splunk Cloud is available in over 10 AWS Regions
globally, including AWS GovCloud (US).

Deploy Splunk Enterprise on AWS

If you prefer to deploy and manage software rather than a cloud service, Splunk Enterprise is perfect for deploying on AWS. It’s self-contained and can be easily deployed on any Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance. Splunk Enterprise also scales horizontally, making it ideal for an AWS deployment.


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