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“First and foremost, I would like to thank ASM Educational Center for providing such wonderful facilities in order for me to conduct my training. The staff at ASM, was always courteous and accommodating to the point where I knew I was valued more than a student; in fact it is was comparatively a tuned to the genuine parental concerns about your future, career, and technical training goals. Thank you Ahmad and Hamed for all your individual attention, and hard work!
I completed the evening CCNP and evening CCIE R/S program under the direction and instruction of, what I believe, is one of the best CCIE’s in the Washington DC area, Joseph Anoyke CCIE# 6624. Joseph is not a cookie-cutter, full-time instructor whom only teaches, but during the day he works for NASA as a Sr. Telecommunications Engineer directly responsible for NASA’s Critical Mission WAN. Every time there is a Space Shuttle launch, Joseph is managing the Critical Mission WAN communications. Joseph’s approach to teaching highly technical concepts is one of the most comprehensive approaches I have encountered, not only was he quick to analyze the skill level of students in the class room, but he was able to teach to those different levels of skill sets within the same room. This is valuable because, every student can maximize their time with Joseph. The reality of Cisco certifications is that you must do allot of “out of class” studying and prep work. Combining this “out of class” studying and prep work with Joseph’s classroom training is the key to success.
His approach to teaching is based on years of on-hands experience. You can tell Joseph really loves to teach these courses. He answered every question the students asked and made time to answer work related questions after class as well. His labs that he developed were fantastic. Each building on the topics of technology leading up to his final lab which combined all the previous labs. This approach in the CCNP training helped prepare me for the CCIE training. Joseph’s CCIE labs are what everyone wants! His labs are what helped me understand all the topics covered on the CCIE R/S written. With his guidance and confidence he gave me I was able to take and pass the CCIE R/S written 2 days before our last class with a score of 97. I feel very lucky to have meet Mr. Joseph Anokye, his teaching and mentoring have helped me achieve my CCNP and my CCIE R/S written. Soon, I will be taking a stab at the real CCIE lab in Raleigh, NC. This would have never been an option without the training and encouragement from Joseph. If and when I do pass the CCIE lab and I will pass it one day, the first person I will call will be Joseph! Thanks again Joseph for all the instruction, help, and encouragement you gave me and my fellow students.”

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