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“I am finally a MCSE. It took me a year to study and pass all the exams. It might seems a long time but patience is the keyword. I still remember the first day when I was starting with a non-computer background, ASM (Hamed) has tough me a great deal of knowledge. I’m so happy that my friend recommended this school to me. Their method of teaching is one of the best. That’s why I’ll recommend ASM to all the people I know who wants to change their career or even get advanced computer skills. I look forward to continue my education with ASM, which will be CCNA. My word to the new comers is to be patient (very important) and ask questions. Because if I (a full time hair stylist) can do it, you can too! Praise the Lord! A special thanks to Hamed and Warren for teaching me and preparing me for all these exams. Good luck to you all!”

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