Microsoft MCSA 70-410 -Installing Windows Server 2012

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Minimum requirements Microsoft publishes hardware minimum requirements for the software it sells. For Windows Server 2012, the minimum requirements are: Processor: Minimum: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor Ram: Minimum: 512 MB Disk Space: Minimum: 32 GB Other requirements: DVD drive Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution monitor Keyboard and Microsoft® mouse (or other compatible pointing… Read more »

CompTIA Linux+ Troubleshooting

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In order to make troubleshooting as easy as possible, you should always use an organized methodology. Using simple best practices will do just that.

CompTIA A+ | Microsoft MTA O/S: How a virus works

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Source Computer Hope     The word “virus” is often used as a common term for all malicious programs, but technically a virus is a program or code that attaches itself to a legitimate, executable piece of software, and then reproduces itself when that program is run.

CISSP Security & Risk Management-Risk Analysis

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Quantitative Analysis (ALE=SLE x ARO) ALE = Annualized Loss Expectancy (A dollar amount that estimates the loss potential from a risk in a span of year) SLE = Single Loss Expectancy (A dollar amount that is assigned to a single event that represents the company’s potential loss) ARO = Annualized Rate of Occurrence (Frequency of… Read more »

CISSP Security & Risk Management-The After-Action Review

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  After-action review (AAR): a detailed examination of events that occurred from incident detection to recovery Identify areas of the BC/DR plans that worked, didn’t work, or need improvement AAR’s are conducted with all participants in attendance AAR is recorded for use as a training case AAR brings the BCP/DRP teams’ actions to a close