Microsoft Office is the most popular suite of desktop applications, including MS Word (a word processor), MS Excel (a spreadsheet), MS PowerPoint (a presentation software), MS Access (a database), MS Outlook (an e-mail client and organizer) among other tools.

ASM delivers training for each module separately, even offering different levels of training for each one, according its complexity. Following is a short description for each module of MS Office and the benefits represented for you and your business.

The MS Office training is delivered per level. For each level of training, doesn’t matter the module, the student will receive:

  • Book covering the content of that module/level
  • 8 hours of instructor-led hands-on training

MS Word

MS Word is a powerful authoring program that gives you the ability to create and share documents by combining a comprehensive set of writing tools, including multiple document formats and styles, mail merge capabilities, embedded tables and graphics, and more.

MS Word training is recommended to everyone who needs to write any kind of documents like letters, contracts, technical documentation, marketing materials, etc. The complete MS Word training is divided in 3 levels.

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MS Excel

MS Excel is a powerful tool you can use to create and format spreadsheets, and analyze and share information to make more informed decisions. The spreadsheets can include entered values, formulas, graphics, pictures, or even data retrieved from external sources, among a huge set of other features.

MS Excel training is recommended for everyone who deals with numbers, tables, graphics, and statistics. The complete MS Excel training is divided in 3 levels.

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MS Outlook

MS Outlook provides an integrated solution for managing your time and information, connecting across boundaries, and remaining in control of the information that reaches you. It’s a powerful e-mail client and organizer, including calendar, contact lists, task lists, notes tool, just to mention the most important features.

MS Outlook training is recommended for everyone who uses e-mails and wants to manage the time efficiently. The complete MS Outlook training is divided in 2 levels.

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MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint enables users to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations, while integrating workflow and ways to easily share information.

MS PowerPoint training is recommended for everyone who needs to present information to any audience. The complete MS PowerPoint training is divided in 2 levels.

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MS Access

MS Access is a database tool, used to manage set of data in tables, offering several resources for collecting, importing, processing, exporting, and presenting information as required by users. Interconnection with other MS Office products and even other database systems is a feature already present.

MS Access training is recommended for everyone who handles categorized data and needs to manage and extract information in a timely manner. The complete MS Access training is divided in 3 levels.

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