“I am finally a MCSE. It took me a year to study and pass all the exams. It might seems a long time but patience is the keyword. I still remember the first day when I was starting with a non-computer background, ASM (Hamed) has tough me a great deal of knowledge. I’m so happy that my friend recommended this school to me. Their method of teaching is one of the best. That’s why I’ll recommend ASM to all the people I know who wants to change their career or even get advanced computer skills. I look forward to continue my education with ASM, which will be CCNA. My word to the new comers is to be patient (very important) and ask questions. Because if I (a full time hair stylist) can do it, you can too! Praise the Lord! A special thanks to Hamed and Warren for teaching me and preparing me for all these exams. Good luck to you all!”

Van L, 09/2000, Exam: 070-088, Score: 867/1000

“Wow MCSE! Thanks to ASM. I don’t think do that without ASM help for classes; it’s not easy to get MCSE in this short period with full time job & study. But they show me the true path and guidance to achieve this in short time with good knowledge… I will recommend every one to ASM. They are great!”

Raju S, 12/2001 – Exam: 070-222, Score: 714/1000

“Thank you Jesus! I couldn’t have done this without Him. Thank you also ASM! Both Hamed and Val were awesome teachers. I have only limited background in 2K pro, but after taking the first couple of classes I’m feeling much more confident and have been able to accomplish job critical tasks much more quickly. I can’t wait to get back to class now to prepare for the next test. Praise the Lord!”

Joseph H, 01/2002, Exam: 070-210, Score: 800/1000

“Thanks to ASM and Val I passed my fourth exam in Microsoft. I remember when I came here: I though I could not finish the track, but thanks to my class mate Raju and support from Ronda and Sandra, I did not give up. And thanks to my God and prayers from ASM staff I passed this exam. I highly recommend to future students to be patient with ASM instructors. They know the method of teaching. Praise the Lord!”

Lee P, 03/2002, Exam: 070-227, Score: 820/1000

“I have now earned my MCSA. I am on my way to my MCSE. Thanks Val & Hamed for the great lectures and info I received from you both”

Mario J, 02/2004, Exam: 070-218, Score: 968/1000

“Just a great school to be in. A lot of thanks to Val and everyone at ASM. Just great instruction and great instructors. 2 more to go”

Andrew M, Exam: 070-217, Score: 980/1000

“Thanks be to God! Thanks to the knowledge of Val! Thanks to the kindness of Hamed and Ahmad. Thanks to the friendliness of Stephanie. This has helped me to overcome a lot of obstacles to get this score.”

Lynn S, 02/2006, Exam: 070-270, Score: 921/1000

“Just check the score. Val and ASM do an outstanding job at preparing students with limited experience (like myself) to pass the exam. Not enough thanks can go to ASM. Thanks Val”

Harry J, Exam 070-270, Score: 984/1000

“Glory to God! Unbelievable! I’m so blessed to have Val as an instructor. With his patience and perseverance I was able to pass the server exam! Yes! Thanks ASM!”

Lynn S, 03/2006, Exam: 070-290, Score: 815/1000

“Thank you Hamed for your constant encouragement and for the constant reminder that it was not my own studying and efforts that helped me to pass this exam but God’s Power. You were an excellent teacher both in life and for Microsoft. Thank you Val you have helped in understanding and you are an excellent communicator. Before coming to ASM I had no knowledge of Windows or any networking technology. Thank you ASM for starting me on the track to being MCSE with my first MCP exam.”

Steve P, Exam 070-210, Score: 600/1000

“Praise the Lord for His ever present help! thanks to ASM, to Val for his great instructing, and to my classmates for their camaraderie.”

Mark N, 03/2006, Exam: 070-270, Score: 889/1000

“Thank you God, thank you God! Thank you ASM and especially Val for making class so interesting. Studying hard is very important but I was lucky to be in a good class here at ASM with a great instructor (Val) and a great classmates! Thanks again!”

Bonnie L, Exam: 070-270, Score: 873/1000

“Thank you ASM and my great teacher Hamed. Thank God!”

Kojo A, 06/2006, Exam: 070-270, Score: 715/1000

“Val and Hamed were of great help and aided me greatly in attaining MCSE” Completed ALL Exams on Windows 2003.

Conklin C

“It was great to get training here. So far, I have passed 9 exams (MCSE & MCSE Security)”

Imran M, 09/2006, Exam: 070-285, Score: 790/1000

“Seven tests in 12 days! MCSE Boot Camp can work! Thanks to Dr. King and ASM for a wonderful 2 weeks!”

John O, 10/2006, Exam: 070-298, Score: 892/1000

“Thanks to the great teaching of Val and the extra help during breaks and after class helped make this possible.”

Bobby S, Exam: 070-290, Score: 1000/1000

“Thanks to ASM again. I have done a great work and earned test taking skills, as well as technical, from ASM Boot Camp. Thanks to all ASM staff!”

Imran M, 11/2006, Exam: 070-284, Score: 820/1000

“Thank God for helping me to pass, and also I thank the instructor Mr. Augustine for his teaching.”

Ekourba Y, 03/2008, Exam: 070-290, Score942/1000.

“Wow! That was tough, but God’s good, thank you ASM. Make sure you study!”

Abraham C, 3/2008, Exam: 070-290, Score: 757/1000.

“Thanks ASM, your teacher Mr. Augustine rocks!”

Jadson M, 4/2008, Exam: 070-290, Score: 728/1000.

“ASM Staff & instructor Augustine consistently provide their students with the knowledge and confidence necessary for the current highly competitive IT environment.”

Gregory L, 4/2008, Exam: 070-290, Score: 799/1000.

“Could not have done it without you all. ASM is great, feels like a family here.”

Dwight W, 4/2008, Exam: 070-299, Score: 957/1000.

“Thank you ASM, best school to go to. I will always come back for training. Very good teachers, you are like family.”

Altaywork Z, 05/2008, Exam: 070-299, Score: 785/1000.

“Thanks to my God who helped me to pass. One step and I will become MCSA. Thank you Hamed for everything!”

Tawfik E, 06/2014, Exam: 70-411, Score: 764/1000

“Congratulations to ASM, their students proud of them”

Marwan Z, 06/2014, Exam: 70-410, Score: 850/1000

“Finally MCSA certified! First of all thanks Allah for helping me to pass this exam. Then thanks ASM for their supports!”

Mohammed B, 05/2014, Exam: 070-412 Score: 717/1000

“Fantastic teaching and test preparation. Would highly recommend! Thanks ASM! “

Ryan M, 04/01/2013, Exam: 070-410, Score: 700/968

“Finally MCSA certified! First of all thanks Allah for helping me to pass this exam. Then thanks ASM for their supports!”

Mohammed B, 05/2014, Exam: 070-412 Score: 717/1000

“Fantastic teaching and test preparation. Would highly recommend! Thanks ASM! “

Ryan M, 04/01/2013, Exam: 070-410, Score: 700/968