Great courses learned way more than expected. Keep up the good work ASM!!!!

HTX 10/5/2016

ASM gave me the necessary tools that I needed to successfully pass the test. They stuck by me and helped me every step of the way.

Kurt 9/2/2016

“ASM is awesome. Much appreciation to the staff and the teachers here. A very awesome place to be and grow. Praise the Lord! #ASMChangesLives”


Devin W. 12/18/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 720/900

“Thanks Sherri for the course and how well it was taught. Thanks ASM for the opportunity to advance my work career. Hope its only up from here.”

Ismail M. 12/10/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 700/900

“Thank God and the ASM staff for their help. Thank You ASM for the lessons and practices. Don’t give up, just keep knocking and you will be successful.”

Christopher J. 12/4/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 726/900

“Thank you to all the staff for their continuous help, the struggle just makes for a better story when you succeed. I couldn’t have done this without them. The next step is yours. Praise the lord.”

Ntando P. 11/30/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 700/900

“Thanks ASM 1 down 2 to go !!! “

Arthur K. 8/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 713/900

” Thanks to Tammi and all the great folks at ASM!! “

George G. 8/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 750/900

“Can’t say enough about ASM thank you to all for making this process the best!! “

Glenn M. 5/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 779/900

” I love, love, love, Ms.Adrienne and Ms.Sherri they make it happen! “

Courtney A. 4/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 705/900

“Thanks ASM for the amazing class and study help!!”

Joshua G. 5/2015, Exam: 220-801, Score: 775/900

“Thanks to Sherri and everyone else at ASM! Looking forward to more training”

George G. 8/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 712/900

” 840 Baby! Study Study Study… Thanks for that training ASM/ Will (instructor). Thanks Adrienne for the motivational speeches.”

Adelso H. 8/2015, Exam: 220-802, Score: 840/900

Too Easy! Thanks for the training Will! Thanks ASM, the PC building was great!

Adelso H. 7/2015 Exam: 220-801, Score: 809/900

“Thanks to God! Thanks to Mr Kevin Cardwell, Mr Hamed Moghaddam, Thanks to ASM and Thanks to Kathy Saylor”

Abdelkhakim O, 04/2014, Exam: 312-49v8, Score: 96%.

“Thank you very much ASM for help”

Mahmoud A, 04/2014, Exam 312-49v8, Score: 100%.

“Thank you very much ASM for help me to pass exam and I will recommend to all my friends” –

Mahmoud A, 03/2014, Exam 312-50v8, Score 77%.

“Thanks to BRAC program for giving me the opportunity to learn at ASM! Thank you ASM for picking the best instructor possible for the courese. I’ll back for learning much more through ASM!

David C, 04/2010, Exam: 312-50, Score 91%.

“Thanks ASM you hired a quality instructor Mike Mouk and he was great. I passed my exam, but more importantly I learned how to apply what I learned. You are great company and I plan on coming back for more learning and get my certification. Keep hiring great instructors and staff.”

Kevin M, 04/2010, Exam: 312-50, Score: 74%.

“Thanks ASM!!! Class was Great through and informative. The Instructor was great and Ahmad was very generous! Thanks again!”

Phillip S, 04/2010, Exam: 312-50, Score: 76%.

“Thanks to ASM for providing a nice facility and be kind to me”

David O, 02/2007, Exam: 312-50, Score: 94%

“Thanks to ASM. Thanks God! Thanks to Mr Chris Carpenter Thanks to Mr Hamed Moghaddam for helping me to pass the exam”

Abdelkhakim O, 03/2014, Exam: 312-50v8, Score: 72%.

“I am writing to commend your institution, along with your instructors on a job well done! I recently completed your CISSP Boot camp course during the week of 9/25/06 taught by Kwame Mensah. With the help of this course, I successfully passed my CISSP exam on 10/8/06! With 10 years experience as an information system security engineer, their were still numerous aspects of security that Kwame was very helpful in explaining and teaching me. Thanks for a job well done, I will strongly recommend your institution to my associates! ”

Rick S, 10/2006

“I am writing this letter to thank you and your instructor Kwame for his assistance. I attended your CISSP bootcamp in November, it thoroughly prepared me for the CISSP exam. Without Kwame’s instruction it would have been very difficult for me to achieve a passing score. Kwame’s examples and overall Security knowledge were very insightful and contributed greatly in me passing the exam. Thank you. Very Respectfully”

Christopher P, 01/2008

“Just thought I’d share my positive experience taking the CISSP class and passing my exam. Kwame, you were a big help, with your test taking advice and guidance I was able to pass the test on my first attempt. Thanks Kwame!” –

Glenn H, 02/2008

“I didn’t forget to contact you it just toot a little while. Hope things are going fine with you, your family and the school. Yes, I sent Kwame the (ISC)2 Congratulation! email informing him of passing the exam, now I should have my package in a week or so. I am glad I found your school website during my early search for a reputable training facility for CISSP certification. I have only good thoughts and words say about my entire ASM experience. May God continue to bless you and your family. I will pay a visit one Saturday after checking with you first, until then take care”

Elton J, 06/2008

Just want to say thank you! I got my CISSP results and I passed it the first time. This is an exam that 75% of the people that take it don’t pass it. However, with your help I can say now that I have another key to open more doors”.

Edgar C, 02/2010

“I attended your CISSP bootcamp instructed by Mr. Augustin Traore in May 2010. I am very pleased to inform you that I passed the CISSP exam. I took the exam on September 11, 2010 in Baltimore, MD and received the results today, October 19, 2010. Thanks for your wonderful instruction”.

Terrence B, 10/2010

“I was a recent student at ASM education center for the CISSP training course and I would like to thank you guys for helping me pass the test. Augustine Traore was my instructor and I want to say he did an excellent job in teaching me and helping me prepare for the exam. Thank you ASM!”

Paul X, 11/2010

“I thank you very much for the opportunity to take the class. My CISSP test was schedule for the second week following the class, and I have just been notified that I have passed. Again thank you everyone at ASM”.

Randy B, 06/2011

“My special gratitude goes to everybody at ASM. I highly recommend ASM for your Cisco training. Mr. Joseph Anokye, thanks a lot and keep up the excellent work. ASM, forward ever, backward never.” –

Babawale O, 11/2004, Exam: 001, Score: 90%

“I finally built up enough courage to take this exam. It was no problem with the great instruction from Joseph and the use of ASM’s facilities. Thanks to Joseph, ASM, and my classmates. I started out at ASM in the CCNA class and attended the CCNP & CCIE prep class, one right after the other. I would highly recommend doing this because it is easy to forget things after a long break. With great instruction from Margaret and Joseph and ASM’s facilities, anyone can overcome these tough exams. Hands on labs are provided not only to help with passing the exams, but to prepare for the real world. Thanks again to Joseph, Margaret, and ASM. God Bless!.”

Thomas T, 01/2005, Exam: 350-001, Score: 87%

“Thanks to God, Joseph, Hamed, and every one else. Looks like LAB is next. I highly recommend to take CCIE class after you finish CCNP class since you will forget it. Thanks to use of ASM Labs and good instruction from Joseph. He is very humble and cares about students.”

Harpinder Sh

“This was a HARD exam, but I have to admit that Mr. Joseph Anokye’s excellent attention to detail during class time enabled me to remember KEY issues on the written exam. Thanks Joseph and the entire ASM staff for your continued support. Good luck to you too.”

Frank S, 01/2005, Exam: 350-001, Score: 77%

“Thanks to ASM and Joseph’s guidance I was able to go in the right direction to get my number. ASM was very helpful in my passing of the exams. The training they provide and the lab is always open for you to practice. Joseph is very eager to help. Thanks again!”

Lawny J, CCIE certified on 12/2006

“Praise the Lord! Before coming to ASM, I had no knowledge of Routing & Switching, protocols, that on them, however, after going through ASM’s CCNA, CCNP and CCIE courses, I have acquired a great job, getting close to six figures. Folks listen, listen, listen! To the instructors Joseph is the beeest!

Daniel B, 12/2006, Exam: 350-001, Score: 86%

“Thanks for your help and support to CCNA/CCNP and now for CCIE Written. Instructors Joseph and Narbik, Mr. Ahmad, Hamed and all ASM school management. Sincerely!”

Viet T, 05/2007, Exam: 350-001, Score: 96%

“First and foremost, I would like to thank ASM Educational Center for providing such wonderful facilities in order for me to conduct my training. The staff at ASM, was always courteous and accommodating to the point where I knew I was valued more than a student; in fact it is was comparatively a tuned to the genuine parental concerns about your future, career, and technical training goals. Thank you Ahmad and Hamed for all your individual attention, and hard work!
I completed the evening CCNP and evening CCIE R/S program under the direction and instruction of, what I believe, is one of the best CCIE’s in the Washington DC area, Joseph Anoyke CCIE# 6624. Joseph is not a cookie-cutter, full-time instructor whom only teaches, but during the day he works for NASA as a Sr. Telecommunications Engineer directly responsible for NASA’s Critical Mission WAN. Every time there is a Space Shuttle launch, Joseph is managing the Critical Mission WAN communications. Joseph’s approach to teaching highly technical concepts is one of the most comprehensive approaches I have encountered, not only was he quick to analyze the skill level of students in the class room, but he was able to teach to those different levels of skill sets within the same room. This is valuable because, every student can maximize their time with Joseph. The reality of Cisco certifications is that you must do allot of “out of class” studying and prep work. Combining this “out of class” studying and prep work with Joseph’s classroom training is the key to success.
His approach to teaching is based on years of on-hands experience. You can tell Joseph really loves to teach these courses. He answered every question the students asked and made time to answer work related questions after class as well. His labs that he developed were fantastic. Each building on the topics of technology leading up to his final lab which combined all the previous labs. This approach in the CCNP training helped prepare me for the CCIE training. Joseph’s CCIE labs are what everyone wants! His labs are what helped me understand all the topics covered on the CCIE R/S written. With his guidance and confidence he gave me I was able to take and pass the CCIE R/S written 2 days before our last class with a score of 97. I feel very lucky to have meet Mr. Joseph Anokye, his teaching and mentoring have helped me achieve my CCNP and my CCIE R/S written. Soon, I will be taking a stab at the real CCIE lab in Raleigh, NC. This would have never been an option without the training and encouragement from Joseph. If and when I do pass the CCIE lab and I will pass it one day, the first person I will call will be Joseph! Thanks again Joseph for all the instruction, help, and encouragement you gave me and my fellow students.”

Todd P, 07/2007, Exam: 350-001, Score: 97%

“I had no knowledge at networking or inter-networking. None. Now after the CCNA/CCNP classes, I decided to the boot camp with Narbik. J gave me the foundation, Joseph’s patience and diligence raised me in his CCNP classes and now I am studying for the lab. Hamed is everything to me. He is always willing to listen. ASM is without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks God’s grace and mercy working through, ASM educational instructors I have a chance for a good life.”

Marc S, 03/2008, Exam: 350-001, Score: 96%.

“I really appreciate the good training and support I have received from ASM witch prepared me for the CCIE written exam. thank you ASM!”

John zapata,1/2009, Exam: 350-001, Score: 91/100.

“ASM has the knowledge dedication and commitment to making students succeed, this is the place to score high!!!”

Eyabane P,4/2009, Exam: 350-001, Score: 909/1000.

“A lot thanks to Hamed and ASM for profound teach and hands on class!! Praise the Lord!”

Kahsay G ,5/2009, Exam: 350-001, Score: 909/1000.

“Thank you ASM for the opportunity to become CCNP . Thanks a lot to hamed for being such a good teacher.”
William V.

07/2009, Exam: 642-825, Score: 806/1000

“From CCNA to CCNP at ASM , praise the Lord , thank you to Mr. hamed . I found The Right place to reach the Mountain top.”

Alberto M., 07/2009, Exam: 642-845, Score: 860/1000.

“This was my final exam in the CCNP Program. Thanks a lot to my instructor Mr. Joseph Anokye because of in depth teaching and learning in the classroom with emphasis on hands-on made this exams easier. Also thanks for ASM with providing this learning environment at affordable price. Looking forward for CCIE. Thanks”

Richard S

“ASM took me on a journey through MCSE and CCNP! I came here with zero marketable technical skills and ASM trained me for 9 rewarding career-18 months later, I am approaching CCNP and I have a GREAT job with Exodus Communications! The instructors I have had along the way: Warren, Henry, and Joseph are the reasons I have succeeded! ASM somehow gets the BEST instructors in the world!”

William T

“Before I started taking classes here, I did self-study labs, books, materials and I barely passed the CCNA exam. Now the major difference was the hands-on lab in a real lab setup, and the instruction by Cisco Expert with real-world experience. This is definitely time & money well spent because I am now a CCNP! I plan to take the CCIE Written Exam and class here again. Thank you sooooo much to the staff of ASM! I’m very thankful for Joseph being so humble and helpful! Praise the Lord!”

Anelia S, 10/2001, Exam: 640-506, Score: 919/1000

“Before I came to ASM I had CCNP knowledge by self studying and I could not troubleshoot a Cisco network. But after taking CCNA + CCNP with ASM, I feel confident that I can troubleshoot Cisco networks. I’m thankful to God to have brought me here to have a class with Joseph, who is very humble and patient with all of the students. I believe I invested my money in a good school and I am planning to take CCIE prep class here. Thanks!”

Clarence B, 10/2001, Exam: 640-506, Score: 885/1000

“First I would like to thank ASM and Margret. Before I came to ASM, I had no experience with Cisco routers and switches. Now with the help in the CCNA class I feel confident with walking Cisco products. Thanks again.” –

Jun M, 02/2002, Exam: 640-507, Score: 978/1000

“Finally! I really appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to study here at ASM. Specially, thanks for the opportunities we have to practice in the labs both during classes and during business hours. It was really helpful. Thanks be to God! Thanks to an excellent instructor, Joseph. Junaid, by being there, studying with me every step of the way. God Bless!”

Oscar W, 02/2002, Exam: 640-506, Score: 885/1000

“Hooray! I am finally a CCNP! I could not have done it without Joseph and ASM’s help. Now for my big pay raise! Next stop is the CCIE. Thanks again!”

Michael C, 05/2002, Exam: 640-506, Score: 804/1000

“Praise the Lord, I am now CCNP. I still have a long journey to take to become a CCIE. With hard work, hopefully I will make it to the end. I look forward to the CCIE class and passing the CCIE written before that.” –

Hemant K, 05/2002, Exam: 640-506, Score: 908/1000

“The CCNP class offered at ASM Educational Center that’s taught by Joseph Anokye is definitely one of the best throughout DC Metro area. Joseph, a lab-certified CCIE, has knowledge that far exceeds what’s required to teach a CCNP class. During our entire CCNP class, he went above and beyond to answer every one of the hundreds of questions that I threw at him. His lectures, combined with his hands-on labs, took the entire class beyond required knowledge for the CCNP to knowledge essential to those who aspired to one day take the CCIE lab. Even after my CCNP class was over and I was CCNP certified, I found that Joseph’s CCNP class greatly accelerated CCIE-lab studies. Joseph is even teaching a CCIE-Lab preparation class these days. I just wish that he was teaching a CCIE-lab class when I was going for my CCIE, because it probably would’ve knocked a month off my study time. Thanks again ASM. As of today, I’m the Senior Networking Consultant for a multi-site network design and deployment of a highly visible government organization. Without you guys, my career wouldn’t be close to where it is today.”

Brian D, CCIE #8248, 06/2003

“The amount of knowledge and experience I gained through Joseph’s class has been invaluable for my skills at work. I am able to provide better service for the customer, as well as understand my network topology more fully. This in turn has aided in my troubleshooting and implementation of equipment.”

John B, SRA Contractor NIH/CIT/DNST Network Engineer III, 09/2005

“Joseph Anokye has innovated a new trend of Cisco training never taught before. Joseph defines the foundation of Routing and Switching by breaking down the fundamentals into a 3-D dimension.”

Mark D, WFI Government Solutions/TLA Associates Network Engineer, 09/2005

“Thanks to the ASM Team, Junaid and Hamed! Done well! Praise the Lord! It’s over! CCIE is the next!”

Oludotun O, 09/2006, Exam: 642-831, Score: 846/1000

“Thank you ASM! Joseph and Hamed got me through this! The classes are the reason I passed all 4 tests the first time! I could not have done by self-study alone. This is not my last cert with ASM! Listen to Joseph! I will get you there!”

D’Juan M, 12/2006, Exam: 642-811, Score: 950/1000

“Thank God and Thank you ASM for such a wonderful job! I couldn’t have made this without your help. ASM you have made me who I am. Thank you so much!”

Ebenezer A, 05/2007, Exam: 642-812, Score: 967/1000

“I say Thank You to Joseph, Hamed and ASM. Without your help I could not have come this far in so little time. I again say Thank You. Praise the Lord”

Victor S, 06/2007, Exam: 642-825, Score: 1000/1000

“Thank a lot ASM!!! Great great training! I would recommend everyone to train here!”

Alex R, 08/2007, Exam: 642-812, Score: 923/1000

“First I would like to thank God for giving me victory in battle! Thank you Joseph, Hamed and ASM. You have a great facility and excellent teaching methods… I am a CCNP now!”

John E, 08/2007, Exam: 642-825, Score: 954/1000

“This ASM school is a testimony. School is awesome, instructors are great, equipment up to date, support immeasurable. Thanks Hamed! Thanks ASM!”

Shola A, 08/2007, Exam: 642-825, Score: 1000/1000

“Oh my God, again!!! Joseph, you’re awesome! Thank you so much. Thank you ASM”

Charity Z, 08/2007, after score 1000/1000 twice on exams 642-812 and 642-825

“[ASM] prepared me very well for the exam! Excellent training material!”

Swapan S, 08/2007, Exam: 642-812, Score: 978/1000

“Thank you guys. You’re by far the best teachers that I have had in my career. Keep up the good work”

Paul H, 09/2007, Exam: 642-812, Score: 825/1000.

“Thanks for ASM, this is my 2nd exam I passed from the first time. Thanks to Hamed he is the best. I give him the credit for this one. Thanks again ASM.”

Abdalrhman F, 12/2007, Exam: 642-901, Score: 968/1000.

“Thanks to Hamed and ASM family.”

Marc S, 12/2007, Exam: 642-901, Score: 883/1000.

“One down, three more to go! Thank you ASM!”

Adrian C, 12/2007, Exam: 642-812, Score: 956/1000.

“Thank you ASM and thank you Joseph. I could not have done it without you! Thank you all!”

Marlon W, 12/2007, Exam: 642-812, Score: 989/1000.

“Last CCNP exam, whoo hoo! I would like to thank my instructor and the entire ASM family for their professionalism and QOS! Most of all I would like to thank my class/team mates for their support and friedship! I highly recommend ASM to anyone! God Bless and Praise de Lord!

Adrian C, 3/2008, Exam: 642-845, Score: 844/1000.

“This test would be impossible to pass without the help and knowledge instilled by ASM! Praise de Lord! 2 down, 2 to go!”

Darren P, 3/2008, Exam: 642-901, Score: 811/1000.

“ASM and Hamed…we’re so glad you’re here! Thanks for everything.”

Byron H, 3/2008, Exam: 642-901, Score: 866/1000.

“Great class compared to other locations, this place is by far the best! I would highly recommend this place to everyone! The instructors are well informed, and pass their knowledge along in an understanding way.”

Richard T, 4/2008, Exam: 642-845, Score: 977/1000.

“Finally CCNP! Thank you ASM, thank you Joseph, thank you Hamed. I could not have done it without you all! A big Thank you!”

Marlon W, 4/2008, Exam: 642-845, Score: 1000/1000.

Teaching was very great. 2) Just try the course for CCNP and you will never lose your money. 3) More hands on.”

Evans T, 4/2008, Exam: 642-812, Score: 887/1000.

“Thanks to Jay and ASM for the nice training and for the nice equipments to work with.”

Michael F, 5/2008, Exam: 642-812, Score: 1000/1000.

“Thanks to every one at ASM very helpful (and encouraging) ”

Akhshay K ,4/2009, Exam: 642-812, Score: 987/1000.

“Thank to Hamed and the ASM training, I passed this exam in single take! I studied CCNA on my own , took me several try to get it ,so I’m really happy with my performance with ASM training!”

Shailesh J ,5/2009, Exam: 642-812, Score: 864/1000.

“WOW!! Praise the Lord thank Hamed! God bless this place! ” -Alberto M ,5/2009, Exam: 642-812, Score: 877/1000.

Alberto M ,5/2009, Exam: 642-812, Score: 877/1000.

“ASM is making a difference , it is not a dream it is not a dream it is reality .Hamed,God bless your life every day, Praise the Lord!”

Alberto M ,5/2009, Exam: 642-901, Score: 955/1000.

“ASM rocks!!! great tutors!!! thank you for the support.”

Sachin V ,6/2009, Exam: 642-845, Score: 1000/1000.

“Praise the Lord, how made this happen .stay Focused until reaching the end, thanks Hamed for being my teacher and mentor!”

Alberto M,6/2009, Exam: 642-825, Score: 954/1000.

“Thank you so much for giving me the knowledge to pass this exam! By God’s Grace he sent me to the best place to study for my CCNP!”

Michael S ,6/2009, Exam: 642-901, Score: 811/1000.

“Praise the lord thank you ASM ,Thank you Hamed.”

Mehran C,6/2009, Exam: 642-901, Score: 922/1000.

“Thanks ASM! your trains was critical to helping me achieve this goal! special thanks to instructors!”

Jeffrey W ,6/2009, Exam: 642-845, Score: 862/1000.

“Thanks ASM for the great support and encouragement!”

Shailesh J , 7/2009, Exam: 642-825, Score: 867/1000.

“From CCNA to CCNP at ASM, Praise the Lord, Thanks to Mr. Ahmad ,I found the right place to reach the mountain top!”

Alberto M, 7/2009, Exam: 642-845, Score: 860/1000.

“Thanks ASM for the wonderful support, encouragement and the outstanding teaching skills of all the instructors, I did it!”

Shailesh J , 7/2009, Exam: 642-845, Score: 871/1000.

“Thank ASM for the opportunity to become CCNP, Thanks a lot to Hamed for being such a good teacher.”

William V , 7/2009, Exam: 642-825, Score: 806/1000

“Once again by God’s GRACE. Hamed is the MAN! Thanks ASM!” –

Keith R, 05/08/2010, Exam 642-845, Score:833/1000

Thanks ASM for your help! More power to you!”

Rene C, 03/2014, Exam: 642-813, Score: 967/1000

“I am so excited about finishing this exam. The training course so effective that it helped me to pass the exams in a very short time/ I encourage anyone who is planning to take CCNP to take this training. Again thank you ASM. May God Bless you!”

Christel N, 04/2014, Exam: 642-832, Score: 945/1000

“Thanks God! Thanks so much to ASM. I appreciate Edmond for the hard work.” –

Tawfik E, 02/2014, Exam: 642-813, Score: 825/1000