Routers Vs Switches

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CompTIA A+ Core 1 Objective 2.2 What is a Router? A router is another network infrastructure device that directs packets through the network based on information from Network Layer (Layer 3) of OSI model. A router uses a combination of hardware and software to “route” data from its source to its destination. A router can… Read more »

Splunk: Healthcare Industry

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Recursion Pharma Targets 100 Genetic Diseases with Splunk and Machine Learning In the past, Salt Lake City-based Recursion Pharmaceuticals found it difficult to manage large amounts of time-series data collected from computer-controlled instruments and video footage generated from cameras in the laboratory. The initial data management strategy hardly matched the firm’s aggressive high-volume ambitions —… Read more »

Industrial Companies That Use Splunk

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The Bank of England Protects $1 Trillion  Founded in 1694, the bank of England is the central bank of the united kingdom, facilitating transactions that amount to roughly $1 trillion everyday. the bank of England’s SOC- staffed by a team of 10 security analysts-is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that facilitates these transactions,processes one-third of… Read more »

Splunk® Enterprise Getting Data In

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What data can I index? Splunk Enterprise can index any kind of data. In particular, any and all IT streaming, machine, and historical data, such as Windows event logs, web server logs, live application logs, network feeds, metrics, change monitoring, message queues, archive files, and so on.. How do I get data in? To get data… Read more »

AWS & Splunk Integrate

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AWS CloudTrail About the Splunk App for AWS. The Splunk App for AWS gives you critical operational and security insight into your Amazon Web Services account. The app includes: A pre-built knowledge base of dashboards, reports, and alerts that deliver real-time visibility into your environment. AWS Config with Splunk In addition to displaying Amazon CloudWatch logs and metrics in Splunk dashboards, you can use AWS… Read more »