Different threat actors P.1

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Different threat actors P.1 Advanced persistent threat (APT)    An adversary with sophisticated levels of expertise and significant resources, allowing it through the use of multiple different attack vectors (e.g., cyber, physical, and deception) to generate opportunities to achieve its objectives, which are typically to establish and extend footholds within the information technology infrastructure of… Read more »

How to PASS your Amazon AWS SAA Exam on First Try

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How to PASS your Amazon AWS SAA Exam on your First Try   Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest Cloud Provider in the market. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate(SAA) Certification was listed by CIO as one of the top 10 certifications that deliver higher pay. The average salary of an AWS-certified IT professional is… Read more »

How To Transition Into a Career in Cybersecurity

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How To Transition Into a Career in Cybersecurity Have you been thinking about transitioning to a career in cybersecurity, but are not quite sure how to make your dream a reality? Are you currently working a cyber job but want to make a plan for advancement? This program walks you through the steps that you… Read more »


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MSConfig MSConfig is a system utility to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows startup process. It can disable or re-enable software, device drivers and Windows services that run at startup, or change boot parameters. Windows includes all sorts of hidden little utilities that you can use to configure and change system settings that are normally not visible… Read more »