CISSP Security & Risk Management-Risk Analysis

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Quantitative Analysis (ALE=SLE x ARO) ALE = Annualized Loss Expectancy (A dollar amount that estimates the loss potential from a risk in a span of year) SLE = Single Loss Expectancy (A dollar amount that is assigned to a single event that represents the company’s potential loss) ARO = Annualized Rate of Occurrence (Frequency of… Read more »

CISSP Security & Risk Management-The After-Action Review

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  After-action review (AAR): a detailed examination of events that occurred from incident detection to recovery Identify areas of the BC/DR plans that worked, didn’t work, or need improvement AAR’s are conducted with all participants in attendance AAR is recorded for use as a training case AAR brings the BCP/DRP teams’ actions to a close

CISSP Security & Risk Management- Global Legal and Regulatory Issues

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Computer/Cyber Crime CryptoLocker Ransomware – Spreads via email and propagates rapidly. Encrypts various file types and then a pop-up window appears to inform user about the actions performed on computer and, therefore demand a monetary payment for files to be decrypted.

CompTIA Sec+ | Microsoft MTA Security: Types of Wireless Attacks Part 2

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The Types of Wireless Attacks Part 2 CompTIA Security+ Objective 1.2 WPS Attacks Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) allows users to configure a wireless network without typing in the passphrase. Instead, users can configure devices by pressing buttons or by entering a short personal identification number (PIN). For example, a user can configure a new wireless… Read more »

CompTIA and Immersive Labs Issue A Pen Test Challenge

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CompTIA and Immersive Labs are challenging cybersecurity professionals in the United States and United Kingdom to test their penetration testing skills this month. The two organizations launched the pen test challenge on the opening day of RSA® Conference 2019. “Penetration testing, if done right, is a proven and valuable activity that all organizations should engage… Read more »

CompTIA Sec+ | Microsoft MTA Security: Most Common Application/Service Attacks Part 2

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   The nature of cyberattacks is constantly in flux, always evolving to keep pace with the times. Hacking of websites, theft of credit card information and other personal information has become an almost daily occurrence, along with illegal remittances via Internet banking. Recent years have witnessed the accelerating dissemination of new technologies such as IoT… Read more »

CCNP Port Security

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  In order to Prevent Man-In-Middle Attack we will use Port Security (for Example to secure Port f0/3)