Exin ITIL Continual Service Improvement

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  The Role of Measurement Measurement plays a critical role within ITIL®, both as a part of Continual Service Improvement, but also within Service Level Management and as an essential part of all processes. Measurements can be used for four basic purposes as shown below:

Exin ITIL Service Operation

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Service Operation   Overview The Service Operation phase of the Service Lifecycle is concerned with ensuring that services operate within agreed parameters. When service interruptions do occur, Service Operation is charged with restoring service as quickly as possible and with minimizing the impact to the business.   Business Value Service Operation is the only lifecycle… Read more »

Exin ITIL Change Management

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  Service Transition Processes  Change Management   Change Management is concerned with recording, evaluating, approving, testing, and reviewing changes to services, systems, and other Configuration Items.

Exin ITIL Capacity Management

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Capacity Management

Capacity Management is concerned with ensuring that cost-effective capacity exists at all times which meets or exceeds the agreed needs of the business as established in Service Level Agreements.

Exin ITIL The RACI Model

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ITIL also utilizes the RACI model as a generic tool for reviewing and assigning four key roles to any important task or activity.

CISSP Penetration Testing

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  Penetration testing is a series of activities undertaken to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities.

CISSP Single sign-on

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Single sign-on is an attempt to address a problem that is common for all users and administrators.

CISSP Intrusion-Detection Systems (IDS)

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An IDS is designed to function as an access-control monitor. It can monitor network or host activity and record which users attempt to access specific network resources.

CompTIA A+ | Microsoft MTA O/S: ATX

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ATX 12V 2.x Power Supplies connect to the motherboard by way of 24-pin cable + 4-pin for CPU and 6 or 8-pin for video.     Advantages of the ATX motherboard The ATX motherboard includes advanced control facilities, where the BIOS program continually checks the CPU temperature and voltages, the cooling fans RPM, etc. If… Read more »

Cisco CCNA Basic Router Configuration

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Cisco Basic Router configuration

Follow @ASM_Educational Here are the configuration for Basic Router Configuration   When You Open a new router you will see Router>   This is called user mode; then you type en=enable to get to enable mode Router#   This is called privilege mode

6 Cisco CCNA Switch Tips

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cisco ccnp switch

Follow @ASM_Educational Get our complete tutorial in PDF To Find Out If Link is UP Switch#show ip int brief

9 Cisco CCNA Router Tips

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Cisco CCNA Router

Follow @ASM_Educational   Get our complete tutorial in PDF     To Find out if link is up and has Ip address  Router#show ip int brief  

ASM Student’s Practical Video Lab

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Here is ASM’s A+ Bootcamp Students practical video lab. They are building a brand new PC as a part of  their training program (Computer Cost is included in tuition). To Become Certified For CompTIA A+ Please Visit This Link ;