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The Service Desk provides a single point of contact between users and the IT organization.

The Service Desk processes inbound incidents, service requests, change requests, etc. It usually (but not always) owns and executes the Incident Management process. The Service Desk also acts as a hub for all communications internal to the IT Service Provider.

Four basic Service Desk configurations are discussed within ITIL® :


  •  Local Users and support staff are located on the same premises or campus.
  •  Centralized Multiple user locations are serviced by a single support location.
  •  Virtual Multiple user location are serviced by multiple support locations which by virtue of call routing and other technology are able to appear and respond to user requests as a single entity.
  •  Follow-the-Sun Identical to a virtual Service Desk, but organized in such a way as to utilize support staff shifts working during normal daylight hours for all user requests coming from any time zone.

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