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ATX 12V 2.x Power Supplies connect to the motherboard by way of 24-pin cable + 4-pin for CPU and 6 or 8-pin for video.

Advantages of the ATX motherboard

  1. The ATX motherboard includes advanced control facilities, where the BIOS program continually checks the CPU temperature and voltages, the cooling fans RPM, etc. If overheating occurs, the PC will shut down automatically.
  2. The ATX motherboard has a stacked I/O connector panel mounted on the motherboard.
  3. On a socket 7 ATX motherboard, the socket has been placed a further distance from the expansion slots, allowing for long boards to be placed in easier.
  4. ATX 2.01 includes a single keyed, Molex internal power supply connector which cannot be placed improperly. However, its standby voltage needs to be greater than 720 mA. While the Molex power connector allows for 5v and 3.3v to be connected, it is recommended that only a 3.3v be used.
  5. Relocation of the memory and the CPU allows for better ventilation and easier installation.
  6. Power management is now possible with proper BIOS support.
  7. The PC can also be turned on by a modem or network signal, since the power supply is controlled by the main board.
  8. The computer cannot be turned off as the computer boots. However, if the computer freezes as it is turning on you can turn off the computer by holding the power button for five seconds.



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