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In this video, we share how we made a quiz skill that has a database integration so that your progress can be saved.


 These are the components of an Alexa skill:

  •  Interaction model (acts like a front-end interface)
  • Logic (Code is written in programming languages like python, JS, Java) usually hosted in AWS Lambda

You will need 2 accounts to accomplish this:


import random # we need this package to shuffle the answers


questions= [“what’s the game’s author’s name?”, “what’s 2+2”, “what’s the capital of the United States?”,

“What’s the capital of China? “, “what’s the capital of India?”]

answers= [[“John”,”Jack”,”Jim”],[4,5,6],[“Washington DC”, “Seattle”, “New York”] ,[“Beijing”, “Shanghai”, “Tibet”],[“New Delhi”, “Mumbai”, “Banglore”]]





def quiz():

print( “Welcome to the game! You will get five questions. Type the choice letter(A, B, C) to enter the right answer”)


index=0 # keeping track of the index

score=0 # keeping track of the quiz score


for i in range(len(questions)):

print questions[index] # print question


shuffleAns= list(answers[index]) # copy the answer list to a different variable


random.shuffle(shuffleAns) #shuffle the answers


for answer in shuffleAns:

print (“({}) {}”.format(choiceLetter[answerIndex],answer))

if answer==answers[index][0]: # making sure that the correct asswer’s idndex after shuffling  is saved

afterShuffle= choiceLetter[answerIndex]



a= raw_input(“Enter your choice(A/B/C): “)


if a == afterShuffle:

print “Correct!”



print “wrong answer!”


print “”


print (“\nYour score is {} out of {} \n”.format(score,len(questions)))


# This will run the quiz



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