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Tip #1) Make sure as soon as you get into testing room, write all your IP subnet tables, since you have about 20 mins before the exam start


Tip #2) When you start you exam, make sure watch the clock on the exam; and remember you have 90 mins to finish about 55-60 question


Tip #3) Let Say you spend  about 1 min per questions , and let say you finish; first 10 questions , so you will left 90 mins-10 mins= 80Mins  , now you will see your first simulation , as soon as you see your first simulation , please make sure write down time left on the clock.


Tip #4) Try to only spend between 7-10 mins per simulation; if you could not figure out, just do your best.


Tip #5) Remember on exam you cannot go back to previous question.


Tip #6) Now let say you spend 10 mins, so by now you have 80 mins-10 mins= 70 mins


Tip #7) Let say you go from Question 12 to 32 question ( which is about 20 Questions) so you spend on average 1 min per Questions , so now you will have 70 min- 20 min=50 mins


Tip #8) Now you will get your 2nd simulation on your exam (remember you might get 3 simulations on your exam)


Tip #9) So make sure write down the time which is 50 mins , and here try to spend 7-10 mins for simulation , so you will have a 50 mins-10mins=40 mins


Tip #10) Now let say  you see Multiple Question from 33-43 (which is 10 question) and you spend about 1 min per question, so you will spend 10 mins here so you should have 40 min- 10 mins=30 mins


Tip #11) Now you will see 3rd Simulation , try to spend between 7 mins- 10 mins , so you will have 30-10=20 mins left over


Tip #12) Now you will go from Question 45-55 question (which is 10 Questions) and let say you spend 1 mins per question so you will have 20 mins-10 min=10mins


Tip #13) Now you will have about 10mins to finish your exam.


So in summary; make sure only spend about 7 min-10 mins per simulation and remember as soon as you get your simulation watch the clock and write down the time left for exam.


In your Cisco exam , some simulation will be only be using the show commands , that is you just need to type show commands and answer the question ; and those simulation will be much faster to answer than other simulation that need configuration.

Some of the Cisco Exam are Tele question that is in one question; you might need to see about 5 multiple question


Here is a link to practice and get used to simulation exam:


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