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Step1: Go to Cloud formation Page Create a stack

Step 2: Click on select from templates and choose WordPress Blog

Step 3: Choose the parameters like username, password, key etc

** make sure you choose the right ssh key because we need to log in to the EC2 server later

Step 4: On the tag page tag the Stack resources with “Wordpress Blog”

Step 5: Click next and Create

Step 6: Navigate to output section and click on the URL. This will take you to your blog.

Step 7: Choose username and password and click next.

Step 8: You should have a blog setup now.

Step 9: SSH into your EC2 and paste the following command


$ sudo chown -R apache:apache path/to/wordpress


Step 10: Go back to WordPress and you may now install themes and customize your page.

Step 11: Select the stack that we created earlier and click on Actions. Then delete the stack. This will delete all the resources that were created by the stack.


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