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In this lab we are trying to make our Cisco Router Act as a DHCP server , that is R1 will give ip address to left side Pc and it will give the IP address to right side of PC. The Goal is Prepare you for your Cisco CCNA Certification exam.

DHCP goes thru these steps:

Step 1)   D= Discover packet

Step 2)   O= offer packet

Step 3)   R=Request packet

Step 4)   A=Acknowledge packe

Hint: When you configure the DHCP; your LAN must match with the ip address of your int f0/0  and Int f0/1.

R1#show ip int brief

InterfaceIP-AddressOK? Method StatusProtocol
FastEthernet0/ YESmanual upup
FastEthernet0/ upup
Vlan1unassignedYESunset administrativelydowndown


Hint: Always start with ip DHCP?

Now I will go create a scope:

Step 1) define your Pool of address
R1#config t
R1(config)#ip dhcp ?
excluded-address  Prevent DHCP from assigning certain addresses
pool              Configure DHCP address pools

R1(config)#ip dhcp POOL ?

WORD  Pool name
R1(config)#ip dhcp POOL lan100
default-router  Default routers
dns-server      Set name server
exit            Exit from DHCP pool configuration mode
network         Network number and mask
no              Negate a command or set its defaults
option          Raw DHCP options
R1(dhcp-config)#NETWork ?
A.B.C.D  Network number in dotted-decimal notation
R1(dhcp-config)#NETWork ?
A.B.C.D  Network mask

R1(dhcp-config)#default-router ?

A.B.C.D  Router’s IP address

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