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Common networking command-line tools include the following:


  • IPConfig: Displays current TCP/IP network configuration values; IPConfig/all shows additional information (like MAC address).
  • Ping: Tests whether another host is available over the network (example: ping Ping or ping ::1 to test the local computer. Ping –tis continuous, ping-n is a set amount of pings, and ping –l changes the size of each ping.
  • Tracert: Sends packets to test destinations beyond the local computer’s network.
  • Netstat: Shows the network statistics for the local computer. Displays TCP and UDP sessions by computer name (or IP) and port.
  • NBTStat: Shows network protocol statistics that use NetBIOS over TCP/IP connections. Shows core services running on local or remote machines.
  • NSLookup: Used to query DNS servers to find out DNS details including the IP address of hosts.
  • Net: Used to map network drives (net use), view computers (net view), start/stop services (net start and net stop), and synchronize time (net time).


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