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A hardware device that keeps the overall computer or a computer device cool by circulating air to or from the computer or component. The picture is an example of a fan on a heat sink.

The speed of a fan is measured in revolutions per minute, or RPM and the higher the RPM rating, the faster the fan spins. However, in many cases, the higher the RPM rating, the louder a fan may be.

There are several types of fans that are used in a computer, as listed below.


  • Case Fan – a fan located on the side of a computer case, inside the case. Helps to circulate air within the computer case, as well as blow hotter air out of the case.
  • CPU Fan – a fan located on top of a computer processor. Helps to pull and blow hot air off the processor, helping keep it cooler.
  • Power Supply Fan – a fan located inside a power supply. Blows hotter air out of the power supply and out of the computer.
  • Video Card Fan – a fan located on a video card. Helps to keep more powerful video cards from overheating, especially when playing video games, editing video, and other graphic intensive tasks.



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